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09-12-2010, 11:05 PM
My wife and I just purchased a "new to us" motor coach and the original owners did not leave any of the manufactures information onboard. The vehicle id number is 4UZAB2DC16CW10099, the sales information listed it with a 300HP Cat diesel, and a 6 speed Allison transmission. The coach has two slides and is built on a Freightliner chassis.

I am in seach of an engine manual, transmission manual, chassis manual, and general coach manual. Also a complete wiring diagram would be great as well as a schematic for the TV signal cable. Being that the TV's are analog I need to connect a digital converter box but really am unsure as where this box needs to be inserted.

Any and all ideas as to how I should begin to gather these manuals would be appreciated.

09-13-2010, 02:17 AM
Have you tried calling Gulf Stream for the house part, Allison for the transmission and Caterpillar for the engine. You might also try Freightliner in Gaffney where they put these chassis together. It might be kind of hard to get these manuals since the coach is already four years out.

Chuck v
09-13-2010, 11:10 AM

It is very difficult to get any detailed "per coach" schematic information out of Gulf Stream as they claim these to be highly proprietary 'trade secrets' for some reason. I will attach what may help as a representative TV systems wiring diagram that covers some Crescendo models.

I would suggest that your digital converter box be connected at the AVS 100 distribution input for 'VCR' which will allow both TVs to view the content, plus the outside TV if you have one. The antenna input for the converter box can come from the antenna amplifier unit in your entertainment center cabinet (the one with the red light and the cigarette power outlet)

The general coach manual from Gulf Stream is not much, but is on their website and is a PDF of about 950kB -- I can e-mail it to you if you want, just send me a PM with an address.


04-13-2011, 04:46 PM
I see that you own what my wife and I are considering. How do you like it so far? Any major issues? The one we are considering is a 06 as well with 6k on it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated