View Full Version : Upper engine compartment access, changing bad surge tank

09-22-2010, 12:01 PM
I've got an '04 Crescendo with the Cat 330. The surge tank (the tank above the radiator that holds the anti-freeze) is decaying rapidly, and I just discovered it on this trip. It does not hold pressure and the rest of my trip involves mountains and heat (Reno to Long Beach to Lake Havasu to Macon, GA).

So, here I am with a new tank and the bedroom taken apart, still unable to get to the back two bolts to swap this thing out.

I have tried going in through the front by removing the baffle bracket, no luck.

Up underneath the engine, access is blocked by about 2'.

Possible to remove muffler and climb over engine, but seems tougher than it should be.

There is supposed to be access below the bedframe, so I tried that.
In typical GS fashion, they used good parts and put them together badly. There are no pneumatic lifts on the bed frame, and when I got it up and strapped out of the way, it broke a number of really bad welds, dropping one section of aluminum tubing as well. Anyway, the cover had 4 phillips screws and a bunch of 3/8" drive screws, which all came out quickly...which didn't help much, as there is no obvious way to get the cover off, no room to slide in any direction without taking apart the slide and bed frame...

Any suggestions or experience with this project?



09-22-2010, 12:42 PM
Eric, when I first got my friendship we had to get to the engine compartment from under the bed. As you said there are no lifts to hold the bed up so I used a a 2X4 to brace it up then proceded to tear out the alum. bed frame which of course was held to the floor by screws and after removal of these the welds on the frame all broke. I had to pry up the carpent to find a trap door to the engine compartment that had about 8 2" lag bolts in it. Once removed it made the engine compartment accessable.

In puting it all back togeather I redesigned the alum bed frame took it to a welding shop and had that bad boy welded up MY Way before re-installing it. I dont know if any of this will help you but felt it was worth a mention as the lag bolts were hidden under the carpet.