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07-30-2006, 04:06 PM
Hi Guys,

Just found the site. I have just bought a new Sunvoyager 8295 on the workhorse chassis with atrium etc.

Really pleased with it so far except for the fuel consumption. We have had an LPG coversion done which does make it less painful on the pocket. Petrol here cost an average of ?4.50 a gallon and LPG ?2.25

Slightly worried after reading some of the comments on here about reliability issues. Anything in paticular I should keep an eye on.

Hoping to leave for 10 week trip round Europe (France and Spain mostly) at the end of August.


07-30-2006, 05:20 PM

Welcome to the forum!

Just remember a couple of things, most only post the negative or problem and there are many more owners of Gulf Stream products that are really satisfied with the RV and Gulf Stream themselves.
Another thing, everytime one moves our homes on wheels it would be like an earthquake to our permanent homes going down the road, things are going to be shaken. It is no wonder that we have things happen to our RV's.

Are there some things that could be better? Sure, but the perfect RV would come at a cost that most of us would not pay or could not afford.

The LP conversion you had done sounds interesting. What kind of mileage do you get with it?


07-31-2006, 06:18 AM
Welcome , Hope your trip is trouble free!!! Keep us posted on results of fuel change!

Good luck and enjoy