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Jerry McCamly
11-23-2010, 02:42 PM
On September 10, 2010, John Chamberlain posted his comment about why should a chapter continue affiliation with Gulf Stream International because what does GSI do for chapters. He mentioned that this was from the Golden Bears chapter to which he claims to belong. John joined the Golden Bears without joining GSI which was missed by officers at the time he joined. John and 3 other couples have caused constant problems over the last few years leading to a break up of the Golden Bears into two groups. The Golden Bears will be reorganizing after the first of the year. I have been a member since 2005 and plan to continue supporting the Gulf Stream International through thick or thin. Just remember that John's post was his opinion and not the majority of the members whose voice was not allowed because this small group would not honor an internet vote taken by Golden Bear members that showed that members wanted to stay affiliated with Gulf Stream by an overwhelming majority.

In addition, these 4 couples manipulated a vote to change chapter bylaws to allow SOB's to become officers in violation of GSI Bylaws. Many of the members at the outing did not understand why they were voting but voted to end the turmoil, they thought.

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Jerry McCamly
Current Member of the Golden Bears
GSI Member 12470

11-24-2010, 10:39 AM
Well said Jerry. There seems to be a lot of negativity going on concerning Gulfstream International. My feeling is that if you are unhappy with the club, just shut up and drop out. Leave the rest of us alone. We are members of GS International and the Ohio Cardinals and are happy with both.

On a more positive note, I see that your chapter is holding a rally at the Avi Casino in Laughlin NV in March. We winter in Bullhead City which is right there and would love to meet you and your members. Contact me offline concerning that rally. My email is [email protected]

Bob P
11-25-2010, 10:09 AM
I feel I have to set the record straight on Jerry's post. I am the VP of the Golden Bears. I have been the VP for the past two years and a club member since 2000 and a member of GSI. The issue of expanding the club was brought up by me last April. There were no issues three years ago as Jerry stated.
We were having trouble getting at least 10 rigs at our outings. We have a large member group but they stopped coming. There were several chapters having the same problems. Bonnie from GS sent out an e-mail stating maybe we should look into bringing in SOB's. Being we have SOB's in our group already, I thought this was a good idea. To make matters clear, our by-laws were set up in 93. Although a Gulf Stream chapter, the husband and wife that set the club up did not want to have any member that started out with a GS RV and traded for another brand to be kicked out, as what happened to them when they traded for a GS.
Over the years many of our members have traded for other brands. We have a small strong "core" group. When I brought the idea up of expanding our club, One person stood up and very loudly and begin proclaiming the SOB's can start their own club. Well things got heated. Shortly after that outing Bonnie from GS retracted that e-mail and started sending out GS's By-laws. I never read GS's By-laws until this matter came up. We all went by the by-laws that were set up in 93, and GS was aware of our by-laws.

Back to Jerry's post. It was never missed by the board on whom was a members of GSI. Mr Chamberlain was never sent any info on joining GSI, nor was he given a free membership when he brought his rig. We also have several members in our group that have not gotten any info on joining or renewing their membership in GSI. I sent Bonnie an email requesting this info . She never responded. But she did send it to another person who is not on the board the Saturday morning before the meeting, that Jerry eludes to. BUT what he does not say is he and the other person called every person they could get a hold of to come to the meeting and vote with them. After it was explained to them what was trying to be accomplished. They voted against Jerry and his group.One other point on Jerry's post. He said that the vote was stopped when he said we would not honor an Internet vote. Well here again when it was explained over the phone on what was being considered many e-mailed the President retracting their vote. One other point it was never revealed on how the Internet vote went. Jerry's statement on that issue is not quite correct. One other point according to GS' by-laws if you are an SOB or you have not paid your dues in GSI you cannot vote nor can you be at a GSI meeting. This is why I requested the list from Bonnie and why many members voted against Jerry and his group because they could not VOTE and THEY could not be at the meeting.
When the vote was taken it was overwhelmingly in favor of having SOB in the club and on the board. Although all were friends for many years, The four of them walked out saying they would form their own club.
Also SOB's could always vote in our club, but none have been on the board.

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Robert Panico
V.P. of the Golden Bears of Calif.

11-25-2010, 11:42 AM
I never saw his original post.
Here is what I know about this subject.

1. To be a chapter member, you must own a gulfstream owner and be a member of gulfstream international.

2. Some dealers provide the first year dues to gulfstream international and others do not, so they might not automatically be members of gulfstream international.

3. Since gulfstream international would not know that your chapter is signing up a new member, it is the chapters responsibility to notify international and verify that they are members of international.