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08-15-2006, 11:39 PM
Hello Everyone, My first post here. I bought a t-36 and the breather-intake is high up on the driver's side of the back cap. I notice that there is a lot of dust all over the rear Vents/Doors that access the engine compartment indicating a lot of dust blowing up. I have been on paved raods and after only 5,000 miles my air filter for the diesel was clogged. Is there a remedy?
Second, is there a competent cleanable/replacement cartridge that will fit instead of the $120 NAPA filter I had to buy? I do understand the importance of a quality filter but this one is a little difficult to remove and One would thing there would be a cartridge rather than the whole unit.

It seems that If highway miles collects that much dust then there is a flaw in the intake system or the coach is pushing too much debris from the ground.


P.S. I'm one of those new 40's age group that Tour Master is supposedly designed for....Jury is still out if this was a good buy or not for me...

08-16-2006, 09:27 AM

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The Tour Master is a beautiful coach. I take it that you have the Mercedes engine. I put over 22,000 miles on our previous DP coach without having to replace the air filter and have over 8,000 on our present GS DP without having to replace the air filter. The air intake is at the rear top center of the rear cap. Your location that is on the Tour Master is used by most manufacturers of diesel pushers without a problem.

What indication did you go by that the filter was clogged? In 5,000 miles there is no way that it should have been unless you were off-roading on complete dirt roads OR the filter got water soaked which with the water drains in the intake that GS installs it should not have.

If you went by the air filter Gage, did you look at it when the coach was new and see where it read? Mine reads high from the start and leaves little room for indication when dirty up to the red line.

Do you have a stone guard/mud-flap on the back of the coach? If it sits too low when traveling it can kick up a lot of dirt/dust. Also, If your exhaust is pointed straight down that will kick up a lot of dust. Due to the vacuum effect/turbulence at the rear of the coach it sucks a lot of dirt up the back. I turned my exhaust tip at a 45 degree angle toward the outside so that it did not point straight down, this greatly helped kicking up dust with the exhaust. I did this with both coaches.

I haven't checked at the Feightliner dealer for the price of an air filter lately, but it seems to me that it was not near that $120.00 figure. Did you check with a Feightliner dealer for the cost before going to NAPA?


08-17-2006, 01:55 AM
I have the Cat Engine in the coach with the upgrade to 350 hp.

I used the indicator that in in the engine comaprtment. I was at yellowstone when I looked becuase I noticed a substantial loss of power going up the mountains. More than the anticipated expectation. I then pulled the filter and blew it out with the air supply attached in the coach and got about a cup full of dust and debris out of the filter. I don't have a rock guard installed and don't tow anything yet.

I had a fellow here in my hometown say he traded his GS diesel pusher (don't know any model Info) because of the air filter issues.

As for filter pricing, I'm about 45 miles from OKC which is the nearest Freightliner center and NAPA could have it same day. I got it at my local mechanics discount rate. (small town...Many Friends)

Just scratching my head on this one.

As a Side note I'm scheduled to take the coach back to ELkhart to Master Tech for warranty work which included replacing all yes ALL windows and doing a serious retrofit to the air conditionsing system in order to install a roof air booster so I can get the coach under 85 on 90 degree days in Oklahoma.

So Far Gulfstream (Cheryl) has been very responsive and she met me on location along with her superior in Elkhart when I was there a couple of weeks ago to see first hand my issues.

I also have the usual list of minor fix-ups as well.

I would like to thank whomever started this forum.

David Qualls
Tecumseh, OK

08-17-2006, 08:12 AM
Well, I am out of ideas about your filter, I have never heard of anyone having to replace one at 5k miles. Hope it was a fluke and it doesn't happen every 5k, that is unacceptable by anyone.

I thought having to get one window replaced on my coach when new because the dealers clean up crew blew the seal with a power washer :evil: was bad, but to have to have them all replaced!!! :roll:

Keep us informed on your progress and your service issues. I know it can get disgusting to have a new coach and have to get many issues repaired right away. I have found that Gulf Stream does stand behind the issues and they have always handled any that have came up for me.