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01-14-2011, 09:47 PM
We have a *new to us* 2005 Triple Slide Crescendo - diesel pusher. I think it's 40 feet (forgive me...I'm writing this while husband is trying to solve our problems outside).

We are in a camp ground with shore power & water.

The fridge wasn't switching over so when we went to check the back of it the outlet that the unit is plugged in to has no power. We circumvented this at first by plugging the unit directly into an extension cord. Since then the fridge has not worked. The display lights come on but it is not cooling at all. We tried putting it back to gas and it still is not cooling.
Even if there is a temp fix for this please let me know because we are literally in the middle of the desert and I would prefer to have my food kept cold! :) We can feel heat coming from the heating element so we are certain it is working. We have also checked the fuses that we can see.

Another thing with the fridge...I can't seem to get the icemaker to work. I can see water in all 3 (sink, filter water & fridge) but it just doesn't seem to be getting from the hose to the icemaker. (This is from when the fridge was actually working)

Mystery switch....in the hallway across from the fridge is an on/off switch with a red light underneath it that stays lit when it is on. The switch also has an extra 'give' to it on the off side - almost like it's on, off & really off.

I think that is it...for now! We also would appreciate any tips for being in a semi-perm winter camp spot.


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Luckiest Dreamer
01-15-2011, 09:28 AM
The switch in the hall should be for the water heater. Make sure whenever you have it turned on there is actually water in the heater as the element will quickly burn out if there is none. It sounds as if your refrig is a model that has both gas and 110V. Telling those that may be of help to you exactly what model you have may be helpful.

01-15-2011, 07:08 PM
In the excitement of last night I left out the model number...that's pretty silly...it's a Dometic New Dimensions Model #NDR1292.

I have a monitor panel on the opposite side of the hall with a water heater switch and monitor on it...would the other switch maybe be to run the water heater off of electric vs. gas?

Thanks :)

Luckiest Dreamer
01-16-2011, 11:50 AM
Gas and electric switches are separate. The one for electric will have a light that stays on when it is turned on. Where the manufacturer locates the switches is always different in the models. The gas valve on the water heater is controlled by 12V and the electric element is 110V, therefore the separate switch. If you are using gas to heat the water there is no need to have the 110v switch on and vice, versa. However you must have water in the tank when you have the switch on. The electric element will burn out almost immediately if there is no water! The 110V does require there to be an electric source, you must be plugged in to shore power or be running a generator. A large inverter may be enough to heat the element, but I doubt it.
As for the refrig I will not be much help. Once you have determined that you have power to it or the gas is flowing I am done. I do know that when we had our 5th wheel it has a control pad that would switch back and forth from gas to electric as needed. At times the gas would have a problem if there was an air bubble or the tank was low. Giving it another try was at times succesful. Check on the mfg web page or on the paperwork that came with the coach for a trouble shooting guide.

01-18-2011, 10:51 PM
Not sure on your coach because it sounds like it is different from mine. But on my coach the orange light when lite up is for the water heater on AC power. You will need shore power for that to work or the generator running. The inverter would run your house batteries down real quick.
Now if I want to run the water heater on propane, it has a separate switch on the panel where it shows the black/grey tank readings, house/ chassis battery reading and switch for water pump. The switch there says pilot on/off. I press the button and a little red light comes on, but as soon as the pilot lights up it goes off. OK! that takes care of the water heater.

Refrigerator plug outside in vented box no power. On mine the AC circuit breakers are by the bed in the rear of the coach. You must have a circuit breaker that is tripped. Open the box where your circuit breakers are and they should be label.
I have the four door Norcold with ice maker on mine, I see that you have a Dometic so I am not familiar with them, but maybe it is giving you a code on the display window. If so check the code with your manual under trouble shooting. I know that I have a board that is in a black box on the outside inside the refrigerator vent. I blew a five amp fuse one time and my refrigerator was not working. But like I said, not sure on the dometic.

You have to find out why you don't have AC power. Do you have power on any of the other plugs? There might be a GFI also tripped. Check them all. One should be in the bathroom area, another on the kitchen most under the cabinets and you might have one on the plug where the refrigerator plugs in.

01-21-2011, 02:05 PM
Try this link:


It may help with troubleshooting. Basically look for the following:

Low battery voltage
AC at the outlet
12v at the junction to the fridge
2 glass fuses on circuit board

There is a hard reset function for this fridge, but I can't remember what it is or where I found it, sorry.

Let us know how you make out.