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01-27-2011, 04:25 PM
Hi All,
Has anyone out there had a bike lift on their rig? I am considering the Hydra-lift because it is hydraulic and seems well built, but it is also heaviest. Any opinions or recommendations? Thanks. :?

01-28-2011, 11:27 AM
I too was looking at a lift to carry my bike. But in the end I also wqanted to take my Car and at times take my golf cart. So in the End I purchased a TAMDEM TOW out of N.C. Now I can take my Car and Harley or Car and GolfCart or Car and Dirt Bikes. Only thing that would be better if I could take the Car and jetski's....http://www.racecityrvproducts.com/Models.htm

Hope this helps.......

02-02-2011, 01:38 PM

When we first started RVing about a dozen years ago, we bought an Overbilt Lift http://www.overbiltlifts.com/ The one I got then was a hand crank. It worked well enough and I was lifting a '99 H-D FXSTS. I was able to hook a tow dolly to the lift to pull our Chrysler Sebring. I had the unit shipped to a local hitch & trailer dealer who installed it for me.

The receiver was bolted and welded to the frame and actually has three 2" receiver slots. The two on the outside are for the lift so it does not twist. The center one can be used as a regular receiver when the lift is not attached. The lift itself has a two inch receiver in the center to attach a car tow bar, a tow dolly or a trailer.

The lift can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes. I did it myself a few times, but it's easier with two people. Hitch pins hold it in place.

We had it mounted on a 29' Hurricane front engine gas V-10. The extra weight on the tail made the steering a bit squirrely. I had an extra leaf spring added to each side and it seemed to fix the problem.

In '03 we bought this 41' Friendship. I needed to do a shakedown cruise on the new motor home, so took the rig to the Overbilt shop in New York, where they installed a new receiver. When I got home, I slid the lift into the receiver and it all worked as it did on the old rig. The heavier rig with air ride handled the lift with a heavier bike, an '03 FLSTS, with no sway or steering problems. My only problem was the lift interfered with the engine compartment door. I had to lower the lift to open the door. Not that big of a deal. I later retrofit a winch to raise the lift electrically.

If you get one DO NOT cover the bike. The wind will move the cover and mar the paint and chrome. You'll just have to wash it when you get there. Just like if you rode it there.

There are now several lift manufacturers out there with options that were not available when I bought mine. Just Google RV Motorcycle Lifts for a list.

Now my wife has her own Harley, so we went with an enclosed trailer. Biggest benefit is everything arrives clean and dry.

I know this was long, but I hope it helps.

02-03-2011, 04:00 PM
Thanks Guys, I'm glad to know there are some other riders out there and I really appreciate your input. Every little bit helps!
Billy :D

02-04-2011, 08:40 AM
We have a seperate toy hauler all together

Fl Mike
03-11-2011, 05:33 PM
I also went with the Tandem Tow. It allows me to carry my bike (Gold Wing) and the wife's (Yahama 650) plus our Toyota Van. This way we have options for weather and conditions. Towed it all cross country (8000+ miles) last summer with no issues. I looked at a couple of different lift mechanisms but decided on this setup....

03-13-2011, 07:10 AM
The main reason I was looking at lifts was to avoid the whole " backing a short trailer " scenario that a car or enclosed trailer would cause. I just ain't worth a darn at it! :oops: I figured with the scooter attached to the rig I would still have a chance to back out of trouble. :wink: Thanks to all

03-20-2011, 11:50 PM
I started with a trailer for the bike and no car. Then a Tandem Tow which worked as advertised except something not mentioned was that one shouldn't ever tow the bike without the car on the dolly to provide the required counter weight to prevent over loading the hitch tongue weight. So to move the dolly with the car off the bike needed to be off too. Oh well. I now have the HydroLift and tow the car flat. Advantage I can tow the car with or with out the bike and vise versa. I do have to disconnect the car to unload/load the bike. Just my experience. FBL

03-24-2011, 02:05 AM
I also was thinking of a hydrolift to haul a low rider Harley, but I was a little concerned if it was possible with a rear radiator coach. I was not sure if it would interfere with the cooling.

03-24-2011, 04:53 PM
After much research I am still pondering my options. The Hydralift mounts with "saddles" not receivers and also requires space for the pump and controls. The overbuilt and cruzer lifts both have modified receiver mounts and run on cable winch setups which look puny compared with the hydralift, but they are self contained. My Crescendo is a fred so I don't have the radiator issue to consider, I'm just trying to decide the safest, easiest one to hold my glide. Thanks for all your input. :D

03-27-2011, 04:09 PM

Don't know about the Hydralift, but I can assure you the Overbilt is anything but puny. I've seen them lift Ultra's with no problem. Once up, the pins hold the weight. The Tandem tow is a good option with multiple bikes. When we got our lift, Overbilt was just starting to develop and show the tandem.

Since you have a FRED, you should have no weight/balance issues like we had on the original smaller MH, and you won't have to lower the lift to get to the engine compartment to check oil, etc.

Good luck deciding!