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01-30-2011, 11:18 PM
My nephew was kind enough to assist me winterize my rig: 2004 Sun Voyager, V-10 when I was incapable of doing it myself. Batteries were disconnected and my problem is how the batteries are wired when I put them back. I appreciate it very much if anyone with a similar rig e-mail me a snap shot of the battery post connetions. Thank you. [email protected]

J79 Engine
02-08-2011, 12:10 PM
My question is has anyone experienced a battery drain by not turning off the chasie switch in the stair well (2005 Sunvoyager) The dealer is telling me leaving the switches on for a week will drain any battery. The question is so you need to reach in through the screen door and turn off the batteries after the steps fold in? Two of our three batteries are at least five years old, so I'm going to replace them. I also had a electrical hick up travelling on the hyway travelling at 68 MPH but slowing down with no breaks applied my entire electrical warnings came on for about 3 seconds and then recovered. Only happened once and it happened so fast I did not have time to react to it just quickly scaned the instrument pannel seeing everything lit like a test before the engine is started. Any experience with this? I only have about one week ownership and two hours drive time buyt that will change on the 25th when I travel to Florida from Ohio on the 25th. I also have a CDL B so the size does not bother me, I drove school buses part time years ago.

Just Harleys
02-24-2011, 07:40 PM
I specified to who in the subject line because there were two posting together.

On my '03 Sunvoyager the steps are wired to the motor battery, not to the two coach batteries. Therefore, I can turn off the battery switch by the door, close the door and the steps retract. I will add, that if you ever have a problem with your steps not coming out, it might be that the motor battery is low and needs charged or replaced.

Further, I have left my coach unattended for a couple of weeks or longer without charging the batteries and not had a problem. This is of course a function of battery health, temperature, etc.

Good luck, Ben