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02-09-2011, 12:21 PM
Please be nice to me on this one I am very new to RV'ing! :D How big of an issue is this "low clearance" stuff. Are there a lot of areas I need to be worried about?
When I read other posts in regards to this subject I was surprised that I would need to think about this.

Again i am new to RV'ing.

Beaufort NC
02-09-2011, 07:19 PM
It's almost never an issue, unless you're off-road pulling into a bank drive up window, or something of the like. Most motorhomes are in the 12 to 12.5 feet range (our Crescendo is 12' 6"), which is well under the standard height restrictions for normal highways, bridges, stoplights, crossing wires, etc. However, there are places where the issue can occur, and where you can even find yourself in a "box canyon," with limited options to turn around. To keep yourself extra safe, you might carry a trucker's road atlas, which will give you information on height restrictions, weight restrictions, and other valuable information. And you might consider a trucker's GPS, like a pro version of the Garmin Nuvi, which will also supply that information. In the case of the GPS, you get the advantage of visual lane change warnings, traffic and weather conditions, and a lot of other good stuff.... a good investment.
BTW, do make sure that you actually know the height of your ride. Don't trust a sticker or the word of the salesman - get out there and measure it, and then add a couple of inches to compensate for the day you're out there with a light load. I had the experience of taking off my rear a/c unit the first time I backed the unit into our garage, which had been plenty high enough for our Holiday Rambler!! Good lesson.