View Full Version : Norcold 1200 AGAIN-problems when traveling

04-19-2011, 04:08 PM
Ok..here we go............I am looking for ANY help or suggestions.
We have a 2002 Gulfstream Scenic Cruiser. It has the infamous Norcold 1200 fridge.
We have had TWO modifications for the overheating problem....so that issue is not a problem. well...maybe!

I have had a consistent problem with this fridge, while traveling. Works great at rest, gets down very cold, so cooling is working. However, drive down the road, and it starts heating up inside the box. I have replaced the thermistor, have it properly placed, 2nd fin from the right, 1 and1/2 inch approx down from top.

I did have a water problem with drainage. I pulled the white drain hose outside, and found it plugged on the end. I cut the end off, and the hose was totaly open..good drainage, BUT it sucked cool air out. I made a new cap on the end, with a pin hole drain hole. This really seemed to resolve my issue. Thought I was good to go. It actually worked. However, we had second recall done, and took a trip last weekend. The temp marched right up again. I changed it just go gas, of genset, and that seemed to work in the past. AGain, it kept up high. One posting said check door seals..ALL good. I even read a posting to put some silicone grease on door seals...all that did was make a greasy mess, but may have helped.

I am ready to flip on this one. I have checked the chimney above, and its all clear. Getting GOOD suction up, as it sucked the cold out before when the drain hose was too open.

I am using a fan inside the fridge. I put an additional fan OUTSIDE, pushing up thru the tubing..that really made no difference. or maybe actually made temp go up some...

I read that you can reset a circuit board. I removed ALL power from the fridge...and see if that makes a difference. I use it on gas now all the time..that seems to be better..ANY IDEAS..I am so sick of tossing out food, and have what could commonly be referred to as an unhappy wife! This makes no sense now..warming up while traveling..sitting at rest on AC..works perfect..so cooling has to be working....thoughts...greatly accepted and appreciated!!!! [email protected]

05-14-2011, 06:16 PM
Ray, I use the propane all the time when traveling and when I get to the camp ground I switch it to AC. Mine does not work with the inverter, pretty sure on that.

05-15-2011, 07:20 AM
did some checking....I rewired to the inverter so I could use it that way. I did NOT realize how much draw there is, when running on AC. Its really creating a dead short, actually, to generate heat. I would suspect as a result, that running on LP is the best way to generate that heat.

Thus, I am NOW doing the same as you!!! Learned my lesson....I on occassion, try to get creative..and often I go the wrong direction. but alas, I can still learn!