View Full Version : Coachlight RV Carthage, Mo.

05-13-2011, 11:26 PM
Hey guys,
I got my little fred back from the shop where I had the audio-visual stuff all fixed and a dish network receiver installed. Wow!! The surround sound deal is sooo cool. I was impressed with how reasonable their price was to fix all that mess, and they treated me just as well as they did the guys with the million dollar rigs. When we did the walkthrough to get familiar with the system before I took off ( they labeled Everything!!) the big slide wouldn't close. Dammit! The shop guys jumped through their butts to troubleshoot the problem and found a bracket that holds the inner end of the cylinder that runs the slide had broken at a weld. It appeared to be just tacked, not completely welded- Gulfstream- They got it all lined back up and had their welder guy break off from what he was doing to get it welded up better than new and do the other end too in a matter of a few minutes. I was really impressed with the whole customer service thing there. Of course they charged me to fix it, but they didn't break it so I didn't mind. I am just glad it let go there at the shop not at some Wal-Mart parking lot in the middle of nowhere. The R.V. Gods were lookin out for me :lol: Seems like a pretty stand up kinda place. I'm always willing to complain when I think I'm treated poorly, so I think I ought to say good things when I am treated well. Adventure awaits no matter what fuel prices are! I won't let wall street investors or Arab insurgents ruin my fun :)

05-14-2011, 05:29 PM
Glad to read that you are enjoying your coach. We just got back from Las Vegas, about four hundred mile trip. It was a nice trip all the way around. I have been lucky (I guess) with my coach. I have not had any problems since June of last year. That is when my inverter gave me problems and had it fixed at the Xantrex shop in Portland, Oregon. Keep my fingers crossed because my extended warranty has expired. :roll: