View Full Version : Cat C7 Crankcase Breather Location, Antifreeze, Tranmission

06-27-2011, 07:50 PM
We have 2006 Gulfstream Crescendo with 18,500 miles on it. I had the engine serviced and I am unsure if they cleaned the crankcase breather as recommended by the service manuals. Can anyone identify the approximate location of this breather assembly? Or possibly identify where a diagram or pictures might exist?

Since the coach is five years old I believe the Allison transmision shoukd have the fluid and filter serviced? Any thoughts on this subject would be appreciated. Also, what about replacing the antifreeze in both the engine and generator?


Ron & Jane Schroer
Sun City, TX

07-05-2011, 11:13 PM
I have never cleaned the breather tube filter. I have 40K miles on my Cat engine. Now the transmission is a different thing. At 6K you are suppose to change the two filters. They were called gold filters and are very easy to change. If you look at the bottom of the transmission you can see where the filter covers are. The filters are inside the transmission. You can order the filters through the internet. I got the two gold filters from DeFeo Allison transmission parts on the internet. You will lose a couple of quarts of fluid when you change the filter, so have a pan ready to catch some of the fluid that is spilled. Now my Allison used Dextron III, Later on and I can't remember how many miles I had, I would have to look it up, I also changed the transmission fluid, and that was not hard either, but you are dealing with a lot of fluid when you change it out. The control panel tells you when the transmission is full or if it is still low, it will tell you by giving you different codes.

If you are really worried about the slobber tube filter and where it is at? Just crawl under the rear and follow the tube to where it comes out of the engine block. I never have bothered with that.