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07-03-2011, 04:08 PM
Thinking of buying a 2005 40 Atrium 30,000 miles. A first timer here so can use some help in things that I should beware of or at least scope out before buying. I've heard about water leaks but what eles. Trying to come up with a check list.

07-03-2011, 08:30 PM
I guess I was fortunate when I bought my used Sun Voyager. Inside one of the cabinets was a large grey folder with equipment manuals and maintenance records. I think the maintenance records are one of the things that I would want. It will tell how the large engine and generator engine were maintained, and perhaps, they will tell if any problems existed or still exist.

Luckiest Dreamer
07-04-2011, 04:55 PM
The biggest problem with a Motor Home is the extreme # of systems that can and do go wrong with them, so even if you are very experienced you will be lucky if you do not miss things. I suggest that you find and pay a professional to inspect and give you a report. He may well find something that will more than pay for his services. However, use him as a tool, and do not expect his report to be the only thing you use to determine it's condition. The condition of the chassis components are what get you down the road and may be the single most expensive item's that you deal with. Replacing the engine, or even a complete brake job can be expensive. Yet replacing a refrigerator or an air conditioner is costly as well. You need to make a check list on every system that the coach has and step through them until you determine their condition is acceptable.
There is two (make that three) ways to keep your self cool when using the MH. Engine mounted Airconditioner, 110V Airconditioners, and very likely a roof mounted fan. There are several ways to keep you warm as well, for instance, reverse air from the airconditioners, the engine as you travel, maybe a gas fired furnace, maybe even an electric fireplace, it may possibly be a water heat system. A motorhome has several choices when it comes to providing you with your electric power needs. There may be a generator, an inverter, a house set of batteries, engine batteries, Generator batteries, and inverter batteries. You can plug in to shore power and that may allow you to have 110V, 15a, 30A, or 50A service.

This is not ment to tell you anything beyond me expressing to you that even if you are experienced in every system that a MH has installed on it you may be smart to pay for an opinion simply because the # of problems that could be experienced, you may miss something!

07-05-2011, 10:33 PM
The Atrium is a beautiful coach, and thirty thousand the engine is not even broken in. About the only thing that I would not like is all the big windows, but I know a lot of people that just love their coaches with the atrium windows. But with that many windows it is harder to keep cool in real hot days, and the same goes for real cold days. Now I have never had an Atrium and I could be all wrong about this theory, so take it with a grain of salt.
I agree with some of the other posts, IF you are not familiar with what to look for, take it to a certified RV mechanic and let him inspect the mechanical aspects of the coach. All coaches require a certain amount of maintanance. As you probably know that GulfStream has stopped the production of class A coaches until the economy picks up, but they are still in business with the class C and trailer assembly lines keeping them from going under like many other companies have.