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08-30-2006, 10:53 AM
I have begun to put advertising links on the site. I have resisted doing this for as long as I could. However, as many of you probably know, running a site takes time and money. I must pay not only for my domain, but also for hosting services, etc.

I have added advertising in the least intrusive way possible and the ads should be very relevant to this sites purpose. I have our main sponsor as Camping World and I have also added contextual text advertising from Google.

That said, if you want to help the cause of this site you can do that by using my Camping World link at the top of the site the next time you need to make a purchase from them (they have great sales BTW). Additionally, if you see an interesting advertising text-link in a forum, feel free to click on it. Both of these actions put a small amount of dollars into an account that I will use for support of this site.

Lets keep the group moving, increase our membership, and help each other out!