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08-30-2006, 10:59 AM
I have made an announcement on this here viewtopic.php?t=311 (http://www.gsowners.com/viewtopic.php?t=311) . Please feel free to use this topic to sound off on how you may feel about it.

08-30-2006, 11:13 AM
Hello Gsadmin, Well I for one have no problem with the Advertisements.
Camping World is an excellent choice and I can understand the costs
involved in maintaining this site. Keep up the Great Work, and thanks to gstream40 also!!

Another site (IRV2) in addition to ads, has a "contributor" category of
membership and also sells thier site stickers, T Shirts , Caps etc.

Thanks again, Best Regards, Clyde

08-30-2006, 07:30 PM
I have wondered for some time how you were able to maintain this site without advertising. I have no problem with it and think it is a great idea to help maintain the forum. After all we all know it takes $$$$$

Clyde, I am not sure what you are thanking me for. I am a little confused :?:


08-31-2006, 07:10 AM
Well Ron, you are a very PROLIFIC poster !! Lots of good info and
always reply to questions and such.

Sooooo, Let's give credit, where credit is due......


08-31-2006, 07:24 AM
Lets hear it for all reg posters, but Ron & gsadmin are the back bone! :D :D :D :D

08-31-2006, 07:33 AM
:D YEEEEAAAHHHH, Rah, Rah Rah for all of us !!! :P

08-31-2006, 08:13 AM
:oops: :oops:

I feel that everyone is important, three cheers for all registered users!!!