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09-06-2011, 02:07 PM
I just took my maiden voyage with my new to me 2003 Gulfstream Sun Voyager 8378. I came from an older simpler National Tropi-cal. I have couple of quick (and hopefully simple) questions.

1) I haven't used the water pump prior to this trip. There is a foot long hose connected to the city water connection. When I was putting everything away from our trip, I disconnected the city line, switched the switch to the fresh water tank, but when I ran a faucet, I noticed the water was shooting out the fresh water hose inlet. Do I need to cap that? There is a cap, but it wasn't connected when I attached to the city water. I would guess the switch would keep the water from coming back out. Do I need to cap that line (hose in this case)?

2) Again with the fresh water; My gauge shows the water is empty. I went to the other side and found the take and visibly confirmed the water level was above the top sensor, so it should have shown at least 2/3 full. Is there some maintenance I can do (clean contacts or something) to get this working again?

3) Both holding tanks show half or more full after dumping. I flushed both out a few times hoping to clean the sensors. Does anyone have a way to get those working like they should?

4) Last is about the generator. I had it running while we were driving back to keep the air conditioning running. About an hour into the trip everyone was complaining how hot it was. The generator had stopped. I don't know how long it had been off. It was noisy driving down the road so I pulled over ( it was still a bit noisy) and tried to hear it start. I couldn't hear it even turn over. The compartment door would not open from the outside even after unlocking, so we just left it at that point. When I got home I tried it and saw the light flicker as I tried and heard it turn over. Is there some issue with the generator running while in motion?

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oh wait! I have another

The ice maker was VERY slow. It seems to give one tray every 3 or 4 hours. I have a portable icemaker that makes a tray every six minutes. Is that normal? There wasn't a lot of frost. Water bottles in the freezer were freezing overnight.

09-09-2011, 09:40 PM
I really don't know much about a Sun Voyager, but on my scenic cruiser I have a water manifold opposite side of where you connect to city water. On that manifold it has a wabco ball valve with a lever on it. If you are connected to city water you can select with that valve for direct city water to go in the coach or if you flip the lever it will fill your water tank from the city water. Now if the lever is down for filling with city water but you are not hooked up for city water and you turn the pump on, I suppose water would come out of the hose you are referring to.

The black and grey sensors on mine have kept clean by using Happy Camper in both tanks and after I dump I use the sprayer system on my coach to clean all the inside of the tank. Happy Camper turns all solids back into water. Now I am not sure if your coach is equipped with the sprayers, if not then you have to buy a wand with a nozzle on the end and go in through the toilet to spray the inside of the black tank.
Now again I am not sure about the Sun Voyager, but if it has digital lights for giving you a reading on your tanks and other readings the panel is adjustable. You can remove the panel and in the back you can synchronize to match the correct reading.

The generator will stop if your fuel tank is getting low, if not check the fuel filter.

The ice maker sounds about right.

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09-14-2011, 07:28 AM
I have a 2005 Sun Voyager the generator will turn on while in motion. I did find out pushing the top of the rocker gererator switch on the dash until the green light inbeded in the switch comes on primes the gererator prior to start, then release and push the bottom of the same switch to start it, release when the switch lights. The generator has a minimum fuel level kill switch which is hooked into the fuel level indicator so when the tank is at 1/4 or less it will either shut off or not start. My coach has a ball valve on the other side from the city water fill area and if that ball valve is in the wrong direction it will allow the fresh water holding tank to empty, you can also over fill your tank if the ball valves are not correctly positioned, found that out also!