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09-03-2006, 02:23 PM
This last trip in our new Crescendo pushed me over the edge.
Had I known two months ago what I know now we'd still have our Montana fifth wheel and GMC truck.

How can Gulfstream justifiy the high price on this thing? The convection part of our oven doesn't work. Our cable is useless, the free standing table creeps while we are traveling bouncing all over the place. We don't even go fast.

Worse motor home I have ridden in. We've owned 5.


Oh the Yes I did is I e-mailed Gulfstream telling them what I think of their product with the high price tag. Won't do me a bit of good, but I feel better venting.

09-05-2006, 10:11 AM
Carol, I really hate to hear things going wrong. Takes all the fun out of RVin". I had trouble figuring out the convection oven myself, but once I got out the manual (Last resort for a guy), I finally got it to work.

The cable ... are the cable connections hooked up correctly?? If you have the Wineguard center the cables on the back have to match the buttons on the front. Also are the cable and/or satellite wires crossed??

I hope everything gets straightened out for you,

Best Regards, Clyde

09-05-2006, 10:22 AM
The cable and satelite had been crossed but the dealer said they fixed that.
We are trying to find out why there is so much sway in the unit while traveling. Not going over 60 so speed wouldn't cause it. With the engine in the back I would think weight alone would keep that from swaying. But I was driving behind and saw the unit rocking away. I knew then my cupboards would be a mess.
Thank goodness we were at a nice campground where they gave us our money back for the cable. Oh another thing, you can't use the microwave and air conditioner at the same time? I had to turn off the air (97 degrees out) while I tried to make swiss steak. It was dried out and I was hot ---- in more ways than one.


09-05-2006, 12:24 PM
Hey Carol, it sounds like you & Chuck are having a bad day (or several).

The convection oven does take some getting used to... You've got to follow the directions (cookpot on the grate, preheat, whatever else, & it will work reasonably depending what you are preparing. I've had better luck by preheating using the microwave, then using convection to finish.

Sounds like you were plugged into a 30 amp service & the voltage was low from the campground. Not a lot can be done under those conditions. Set your AC fan to on (as opposed to "auto") so that the fan continues to run. That will prevent amp surges while trying to microwave. Another trick would be to turn the thermostate to much colder than you want to prevent cycling of the compressor.

You can switch over to the other AC unit while cooking . The bedroom unit is a bit smaller capacity, slightly less amp draw. Start your engine & use that AC unit while cooking. Or, start your generator which will provide enough power for both AC's & the microwave.

One more idea. If you have a 50amp coach and need to adapt to a 30 amp campground supply, Camper's Barn (?) sells an electrical box that can be simultaneously plugged into the campground 30amp service and the 15amp "duplex" outlet that is almost always available. It is safe to do & will provide 30 amps on 1 leg of your MH & 15 on the other. Experiment to make sure the AC unit you use (front or back) is on the opposite leg as the microwave. This only works for your 50 amp coach.

You need to buy the special box or build your own if you're comfortable with that.

Did you check to see if there were 2 cable connectors in the "power compartment"? It would be awefully easy to plug the cable into the "auxiliary output" connector rather than the cable input connector. GS has chosen to NOT label them, so it's an easy mistake.

09-05-2006, 12:53 PM
I tried switching air conditioners. Still blew the circuit breakers. It was a 30 amp site.
Just makes me mad :x all the "small" problems on the most expensive motor home we have ever bought. What did we pay for? I gotta find the answer to that before I explode.
Oh --- the jacks don't always come down. Ok that something we can live with, but what if they "don't" come up. They seem to have a mind of their own. One did go up while we were camped "big clunk". Maybe our next purchase should be sleeping bags and a nice tent :D

09-05-2006, 01:53 PM
If I were you, I would get that rig back to the dealer and leave it there until all is satisfactory. Before you drive away after they have "fixed" everything, go through every thing on the work order and review all of the problems you reported to them. And, when you go in, don't just tell them each thing, have a typewritten check off sheet for them. Many times I drove down to the dealer, went through the list and found stuff incomplete...he was like "well, come back next week and we'll take care of that for you", I was like, no, you keep it until its done (it was January and it didn't matter that I was without my coach).

I agree with RJ82 on the cable/satellite stuff. I have helped many RVers (both my parents full time - in different coaches) and the AV stuff seems to give them the most grief...I bet you just need someone to write you a step-by-step on operating the various modes and inputs of your system...that worked for my parents...well most of the time...they still call me from time to time about what button to push, etc. :)

09-05-2006, 01:58 PM
The circuit breaker problem is not a GS defect. (I don't work for them & am often an outspoken critic). The 30 amp circuit is the problem, & very likely low voltage supplied by the campground. As frustrating as it is, what you're describing is normal. What I suggested is about the only way around it
-> run your generator,
-> start your engine & use it's A/C unit while cooking,
-> purchase the Camping World electrical adaptor:

http://www.campingworld.com/browse/skus ... unum=25774 (http://www.campingworld.com/browse/skus/index.cfm/Maintaining-Your-RV/Electrical--Solar/Electrical-Adapters/50Amp-RV-Box-Adapter/skunum=25774)

Also known as Camping World cat item #25774

-> set the A/C fan to "ON" to prevent cycling
-> set the A/C temp to very cold to prevent cycling

Also, note what other appliances are on while you're cooking. The coffee pot? TV's? Unneccesary lights? Electeric water heater? Inverter? Converter? Remember, you only have 30 amps (3450 watts) available. The microwave uses all of 1500 watts, either A/C uses most of its 1725 watt allotment. That leaves 225 watts (2 amps) to run a 3 amp TV, a couple amps for lights, a couple amps for the converter that you don't even know is running to keep a charge on your house batteries.

IE: it's nearly impossible.

You are so right on the other major annoyances. Jacks that won't go down, or randomly retract, are serious. Do you have your parking brake firmly applied? Have you checked the hydraulic fluid level? On the jack controller, does the red indicator lamp glow for each jack as soon as it begins to extend? Do they ALL go out when the jacks fully retract? They must never come on while you are traveling.

Oh yeah, our table creeps also. ->bungie cord

What else? Perhaps we can help you accept & eventually see all the good points of your coach without the distraction of the nusances'.

09-11-2006, 08:16 AM
We also had a Montana fiver and you couldn't run the micro and air at the same time on 30 amps. It isn't a GS problem.

09-11-2006, 09:48 AM
Two of the best electrical items I ever purchased for the RV were the 30amp/15amp "cheater" so that we can use the 30 amp plug and 15 amp plug at the same time as described earlier. Of course this will not work if the CG outlet is protected by a ground fault.

The other thing was the Progressive Industries energy management system. It not only protects the coach electrical system from power surges, but low voltage, high voltage, incorrect CG wiring, and has a readout to tell you all the information PLUS the readout also tells you how many amps you are using.

This is really helpful when plugged into just a 30 amp service. One would be surprised at the amps that are being used with nothing turned on in the coach just for the inverter charger for the batteries.


We also cannot use the convection oven and AC unless we shut off all the other electrical items, hot water tank especially, when hooked up to 30 amp. But I have also found out that when one first plugs in the charger for the batteries draws a lot of amps until the batteries are fully charged, usually close to 15 amps. :shock: So the first hour we don't even try to use the convection oven since it also is a very high amp draw when only plugged into 30 amp service.


09-11-2006, 10:28 AM
Learning new things on here every day. :D
This morning when we were getting ready to leave the campground we were at the bedroom slide decided not to come in. We were having mini heartattacks. But finally, it decided to be nice and work. Maybe it was too cold for it :lol:


09-11-2006, 12:01 PM
I have found the switches on my slides to be very tempermental. Sometimes they do not like to be fully depressed. Instead, they actuate just before bottoming out...if that makes any sense.

09-11-2006, 02:57 PM
I have found the switches on my slides to be very tempermental. Sometimes they do not like to be fully depressed. Instead, they actuate just before bottoming out...if that makes any sense.

We have also found the same for the switch for the LR/DR slide. Sometimes when one pushes it, nothing happens, release, push again and it works Okay. :?: :?:


09-12-2006, 09:44 AM
I am sorry to hear you are having problems. I think you have been given very good advice so far. I also have a Crescendo. I just want to wish you luck with yours. I am sure you will be able to work things out and then be happy with the coach. I would suggest an electrical monitor of some sort. I have a 50amp surge guard and it has saved me a few times already. I also have a inverter that monitors the incoming current and protects against surges.

Good luck and Happy Camping.