View Full Version : Koni Shocks and Freghtliner XC Chasis

10-17-2006, 09:55 PM
Hello everyone.

I've been reading a thread over at rv.net about xc chasis being a rough ride over expansion joints and such small bumps in the road. The poster said that they solved the issue by installing Koni shocks.

I would like to here from GS owners of XC chasis about their experiences in ride confort. I know that big potholes and bumps are just a fact of driving but I've noticed that on mine that these things that should be small bumps seem to be a hard ride in my Tourmaster or at least one that I wouldn't expect from the air ride suspendion. I have been told by Freightliner during the first checkup that my ride height was ok.

And lastly, if you have installed Koni, Bilstien or any other aftermarket shock on a XC chasis, what was your result?

PS. This is a really good forum........

10-18-2006, 08:23 AM

On our 2003 GS we use to own the ride was a little rougher than our present 2004. I attribute that to the fact it had a 228" wheelbase VS the present 276" wb.

Both of the chassis came with Bilstien shocks. I believe on your chassis it has Sachs shocks if I remember correctly.

We do have a firm ride, but it is comfortable.

They probably talked about having the coach weight at each axle and set the tire pressures according to the tire recommended settings for the weight using their chart.

I did this with the 2003 and lowered the tire by 5 lbs. from the pressure that was on the label in the coach using the Michelin chart. It made a world of difference in the ride on the 36' coach.