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08-09-2013, 08:48 PM
We have a 2014 Gulfstream Conquest that has a slide out leak from almost the day we bought it. We bought it 4/30/2013, had it back in shop within 2 weeks. So far, is back in shop for 3rd time. So far they have replaced the outer seal with a thin crappy seal that leaked even more. Took it back within 2 days, they kept it for 3 weeks replacing seal with proper seal. Then it leaked for the 3rd time. Took it back, they said inner seal was too short letting it leak into camper. That was 3 weeks ago, now they are waiting for a rail to go on bottom side of slide to prevent water leak according to a tech bulletin. so far they only time the camper has left the yard was to go back to shop. Have not been able to use it for camping yet. Maybe by fall we can go camping. Don't trust the dealer tho. Customer Service rep seems to be very limited on what he can or wants to accomplish. I have almost forgotten what it looks like.......

08-10-2013, 10:10 AM
*I've contemplated rainkap.com 's product to reduce rain running down the sides.
you say the outer seal was replaced and made it worse and the new seal is too short.
after you get it back...
is your yard level or the coach parked level?
wash, clean and polish all around the slides, with them in and especially out, under the slide lip.
use talc on the inside seal and maybe a proprietary slide seal lube on the outside.
make sure the slide lips top, bottom and sides are clean.
cast a critical eye all around your seals and consider what path is more attractive to water? those are the points to work on.
if the seals are cut (at the bottom) and there's a point of entry, water will use that if it's easiest.
sometimes stupid things like woolen yarn dangling under lip are more a more attractive route for water.

I know it's upsetting, however you are the best person to cast that critical eye and get issues resolved from there.
so maybe hold on to it for a bit and try a few things.
my rv has 3 slides and is very sensitive to how it's parked to prevent a slide leak. thankfully I'm in the SE.
good luck

08-10-2013, 11:58 AM
camper was level, checked by 3 different levels in different places, by 2 different folks. problem i think one of the biggest problems is the college kid who is part time fixing campers should only be in charge of washing them, he is good at that.the other major problem is no one checks with factory techs, just guesses. so far outside seal replaced 2 times, since factory seal. slideout removed & inner seal replaced, still leaked, removed slideout again, "repositioned" inner seal, caulked again, water tested, leaked again. then they finally call tech services on it . duh. if it leaks again, will be getting legal help.

08-10-2013, 01:21 PM
I can only wish you well.
check out irv2.com and rv.net for larger community and help with both practical and legal solutions.

09-02-2013, 04:11 PM
We purchased a 2014 Conquest 255BH August 10, 2013 and we had he dealer deliver it to our campground were it is now plumbed and setup seasonal. Labor Day weekend is the second weekend we have been there and we found a severe leak in the slideout at the bottom corner. (Can email photos) the rubber gasket appears to have been cut and there is a TON on silicone. There is also a bottom rail in that area that seems to serve no purpose. The only reason it seems to be there is acting like a gutter so the water doesn't track under. It appears the only thing this "track" does is catch water and run it into the camper. We checked the level of the camper to make sure it did not settle and it is spot on. Also noticed during when it rains the water seems to pool in the center of the gutter just above the slideout and does not appear to be pitched. No water ruining out the ends and it is not clogged. We had no choice but the bring the slideout in because the water was flowing in. When I looked under the slideout from the inside, it appears the mount bolts were never completely secured!

We called our dealer, they were very rude and said to get it back to them if we want something done about it. We have found this dealer to have MANY complaints! 1. The camper is now setup seasonal and we paid to have it plumbed. 2. We had to have the dealer deliver it because we have no way of pulling it and never had an intention of doing so.

These issues should be under warranty. That being said, can we use another authorized service repair center? There is one 25 minutes from our site with a good reputation and they do make onsite service repairs.

We are first time camper owners and this is all new to us

11-04-2018, 11:31 AM
I have a triple slide that had leaks, the water invariably ran down the seals and into the carpet and onto the underlayment. Slides seemed to close correctly. Seals were in good condition and of the OEM size and type. It has, evidently, been a common flaw right out of the Gulfstream factory.

Fortunately my repairman was a factory installer for many years and was very aware of the problem. He made, for lack of a better description, little cups or drip pans at the bottoms of each seal with drain tubes that catch the water and direct it outside. These are either not visible or barely visible - and a hard to get to place for the d.i.y'er. This procedure fixed the leak issues for us 100%, and was as I recall about $500 in labor for all three slides. It was not something I feel I could do myself even being fairly handy, as it took experience to not only identify the issue but to construct and implement the solution.

His name is Gerald Armstrong, owner of Armstrong RV Repair in Oregon near Eugene, and his phone number is 541-744-8050

I trust him 100% and he's done lots of other work for me.