View Full Version : Adding two T-105 6v batterys

12-01-2006, 01:45 AM
I want to add 2 T-105 6V batterys to my rig, the battery compartment is small an already contains 2 batterys. I think I can build a steel frame work to stack 2 additional batterys on top of the ones that are there. I know I will have to design a way to check the water level in the bottom batterys which is not a problem.

My question is, will the battery compartment support the additional load. I don't want the bottom falling out of the compartment. I can also build a rack behind the grill which I know will hold up, but then I have to run long welding cable to connect the batterys.

Which is best

RV Wizard
12-01-2006, 04:23 AM
without being there to access the configuration and possibilities, it is difficult to say which is best. One question though, how old are your present batteries? If more than 6 months old I would recommend you seperate the banks or at least do a specific gravity test on each cell to determine that they are good enough to be grouped directly together with the new batteries. Here are some links to help out with batteries: http://www.dcbattery.com/faq.html#1
http://www.windsun.com/Batteries/Batter ... 20Charging (http://www.windsun.com/Batteries/Battery_FAQ.htm#Battery%20Charging)

Good luck and keep us posted on the project.