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02-05-2007, 08:02 PM
We bought our Tourmaster last June and have encountered a lot of the problems that I have been reading about here. My dealer has been very good about correcting these problems(I joke that I'm wasting the money I pay for a storage site because hte TM is either on a trip or at the dealer).
I am very interested in a couple of things I've read: 1.AC-our coach takes forever to cool down in hot weather and will not stay cool during the day. I had the dealer check it and was told there is nothing wrong and a TM sales rep told me there had been no complaints. I now know there are problems and I have the dealer checking to see if TM will add a booster AC. I also called the rep but he did not return my call. 2.Satellite radio-I have sat. ready radio and wanted Sirius(it came on my previous rig). I bought a DLP2500RTL from Kingston Sales and took the TM to a local stereo shop to have it installed. The installer put the ant. on the dash because he said I would need an RV shop to put the ant. on the roof. My dealer gave me an estimate of $700.00 to put the ant. on the roof-mainly labor cost-so it is still on the dash. Has anyone else put in Sirius and where is your ant.?

Arthur Hayes
02-06-2007, 09:33 AM
I am about to install my Sirius antenna as well. I plan to place it on the roof above the passenger seat and run the lead down the raceway along the windshield on the right side just in front of the door. This is also where the radio's antenna lead runs. I do have to drill a hole in the roof.