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11-15-2016, 08:59 PM
After probably 300 hrs researching/shopping, I finally found my new to me '08 Yellowstone 36FTE.

She needs LOTS of TLC, but I'm retired and looking forward to it. I love the floorplan, and THE WINDOWS! I calculate her to be about 396 sq ft, but couldn't verify that through any sources. Love the hardwood cabinetry and trim work, and the sofa lounger is exactly what I wanted too. Me Berry Happy!

It was an AS IS sale, and did not afford me the opportunity to check many systems out, but it was available at "The Buy Me Now Stupid" price, if ya know what I mean? The one where your wallet shakes, and Angels sing... :-)

So far I've discovered the plumbing manifold held some "interesting modifications", shall we say, plus looks like the 12 gal water heater is done.
Anyone got a good source for replacement or better yet, any upgrade recommendations?
Being mostly in solar rich areas, I'm considering solar electric & storage, plus solar hot water, so factor that in.

Norcold 2 way refer isn't chilling either, although there's a beautiful blue flame workin it's heart out. (I shut it down after 24 hrs)

My sweet Dawgie Dawg & me will be full-timing in it, so there's value in doing projects right, but I am frugal. Value added stuff that will pay off economically with ease of use & pleasurable living.

Well, there's my intro. Thanks in advance for your feedback. I'll reciprocate in kind. (smile)
Will from Spicewood, Texas