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06-26-2017, 11:44 AM
Just bought this as our first class C after just selling our Holiday Rambler Endeavor DP. The new(ish) unit comes with no manuals and some mods by previous owner (who is not the first owner). Has Air ride rear suspension, which is a "closed" system with no compressor or height sensors... This unit has Hydraulic brakes and, did I mention, no manuals?

I know the fan clutch has been changed from a heavy duty to a regular duty for reduction in noise and fan cycling? I'm reading a lot about the hydraulic actuated injectors, and various modifications to reduce oil/engine temperatures. This unit also has no engine brake or exhaust brake. Do you all add that on, or just deal with long stopping distance? The wiring on this rig looks similarly messy to my precious rigs, only I have no schematics for this. Is there an on-line source of documentation for these? Thanks!

06-28-2017, 12:08 AM

I noticed that Gulf Stream's website has many manuals in their archive section.

Best of luck

07-13-2017, 12:43 PM
The factory manual available online is pretty useless if your are even vaguely familiar with motorhomes. Mostly all the legal stuff about propane, CO, overloading, following the instructions on each appliance. I've gone and pulled all the covers off, all the cabinet bottoms up, all the drawers out, and written down every model number, serial number, and location of the hidden goodies I found and spent the day online getting manufacturer's manuals, three hole punching them, and putting a binder together. Old school. Removed 3 mouse nests. None too nasty. One from the furnace, One under the drawers in the rear bedroom, and one in a wiring space behind an upper cabinet. Not a lot of mice damage, but I sucked out the ducts and every nook and cranny with the shop vac and hit everything with Lysol and Febreeze.

I found two cable splitters and mapped out the coaxial layout, including one dead end in the ceiling. I don't know how they "rejoin" coax. There are multiple feed-ins that end up coming out of the same jack. There must be at least 2 hidden cable joiners (signal combiners?) (Which I'm not sure I've ever seen) somewhere I didn't get access to, and I was pretty thorough in puling cabinets apart.

This rig seems pretty well built, for an RV, and I've only noted a few bad roof seems, holes in the fiberglass roof cloth here and there, and a bit of delamination in the rear wall, which looks to worked it's way up from the bottom, and nt down from the window seal. The bottom edge is not mechanically sound, so I'm re-laminating and using "Tek" screw to seal it up.Very strange things like bathroom vanity lights where the only switch is only accessible with the medicine cabinet door open and standing on tippy toes (short guy here). No other bathroom light can be reached easily. ALso this has a suburban 2 way water heater (I'm used to Atwood), and there is only an on/off switch inside for lighting off the propane. No electric element switch. Front and rear roof AC units each have their own thermostat and do not have their controls connected. One thermostat controls the front AC and the furnace, but runs the AC blower when the furnace runs (no apparent heat pump or strip heater option).

Chuck v
07-14-2017, 12:19 AM
I am not familiar with the particulars of the SuperNova C units from Gulf Stream, but suspect that many of the methods and systems are very similar to my 2007 Tour Master class A diesel pusher. In my bathroom, the vanity light is a 4 lamp bar with a tiny toggle switch in the base that I have added to allow me to turn the bulbs from parallel (bright mode) to series (night light mode) but the fixture main switch is on the wall along with the water pump switch and the switch for the other ceiling light.

There is a lighted AC switch in the panel mid-ship where the tank level indicators and other system monitors are located that controls the 110v water heater element in my Suburban 10 gallon water heater -- it is rather odd looking "tacked on" affair that resembles a household wall switch...different from all the other Decora-style rocker switches used elsewhere throughout the coach.

The factory documentation on all the GS coaches is very minimal and lacking any real detail. Pathetic, really...

As for mice -- I went through my coach when I bought it and added expanded metal mesh to all the openings that I could not directly seal such as the fresh air inlets in the dash air conditioning unit, the heater outlets for both the front and stateroom ducts, and similar openings. It is harder to exclude them from the basement, but a bit of attention to the slide ram openings and the black water drain pipe clearance to the bay floor access plate (use a "chore girl" type woven metal scrub pad pulled out into a long rope-like shape to fit as a gasket...) and you will have a start.

The coax and entertainment wiring in my coach is coax and not HDMI or fiber, so it is not easy to upgrade all services to every screen in the unit. There is a thread on here that discusses how I upgraded my screens and added Blu-Ray players, etc. PM me with an e-mail address and I might be able to help you a bit in that regard.

Let me know if I can help with anything that might be "common" between our two very different coaches...


Chuck v
07-14-2017, 12:41 AM
Here is that thread that shows some of what I said about rodent exclusion:

...and here is a thread about the coax wiring and upgrading TVs...

07-14-2017, 03:01 PM
[QUOTE=FreedMeister;23412I have no schematics for this. Is there an on-line source of documentation for these? Thanks![/QUOTE]

A friend (Bob Winfield) send me a 125 page .pdf of every part on our 2006 Gulf Stream BT Cruiser, complete with model numbers and distributor info. I'll included it here just to sort of prove that excellent data does exist... somewhere, however these are not the schematics the OP had requested.

Thanks go to Chuck Van Dusen for splitting the one .pdf into two smaller sized ones, pages 1-60 and 61-125.

It seems a handy feature here would be to be able to reach out to one another by model via a registry - I see an inoperative one at the top of the page. This is the type of info that Gulf Stream would do well to furnish more easily.