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02-26-2007, 03:43 PM
We are on our first trip with the Tour Master. We've been in Sebring, FL for a bout a week and a half. We left CT on Sunday, Feb 11. Our first night in VA we had trouble leveling and getting the living room slide fully extended. Couldn't retract either the jacks or the slide out. Upon finding hydraulic fluid all around the system, I called Coachnet. They sent a service rep out the next AM and he manually retracted everything. We proceeded to Carter's Towing and Repair in Stony Creek, VA. The PowerGear rep said they have had problems with leaking where the fluid tank meets the pump. Gulf Stream said the same. We ended up staying at Carter's overnight (he also has a restaurant) and the next day he continued working to fix the leak. About 10 am we were on the road. He dismantled it and siliconed the area in question. Nothing else major, just small irritating items. But, we love this rig. By the way, Coachnet was excellent as was Chester Carter. Weather here in FL is 80! Heading back north next week. Charlie

02-27-2007, 06:15 PM
I do not know if this means anything but if we level our unit first we cannot get the living room slide to come out. We have to let the slide out and then level it, completely opossite of what they tell you to do. I am going to check out our hyd. system tommorrow even though I have not seen any fluid. Glad your unit is tip top. After a bumpy start we are rolling smooth.