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04-25-2018, 02:49 PM
Not sure why I waited so long to become a member of this site but today was the day. In 2013 my wife came up with the idea to put my daughter in a camper for her college internship as there were no apartments available. So we bought a brand new leftover 2012 GS Kingsport 265BHS. Two days later I white knuckled it to Mass from PA and parked it. Needless to say my daughter and her new roommate became best friends and had the best experience of their lives; six months later my wife and I were the proud owners of a camper. I white Knuckled it back to PA and decided I didn't want to pull it with a 2005 Durango anymore. Yes, its rated to lug it, but the short wheelbase was pretty unpleasant with a 30ft camper. With that I selected a campground and parked it for the next three years. Last year I decided it was time to actually pull it somewhere so we bought a 1500 and brought it home. Last year was a blast! So here I am ready to get it on the road this Spring. I love the camper. Ive had some minor things but nothing major luckily. Id never pulled it in the rain until a trip last year. I found water leaked in a lot under the pop-out while in transit. The camper doesn't leak a drop when set up. Ill probably post this in a different thread but that's what I need to solve. Its a lot of water getting in and rolling across the kitchen floor. All the carpets saturated so it required several days of work to dry out. I'm going to take it in for service but hoped someone might have a hunch first. Thanks and nice to meet everyone. Happy camping!!!