View Full Version : Newbie! Scale & Stereo Questions

06-18-2018, 09:11 AM
Hi all,
We are new owners of a 2016 GulfBreeze 22 TRB. We have been parked at an RV Resort for 1.5 months getting everything ready (first 2 weeks we were at the RV store daily!) to take her on the road.... but first,
(Q 1) we need to weigh the trailer, our Jeep, and also figure out the tongue weight and re-distribute trailer contents if/as necessary. We have called the city´s landfill site and they said we could use their scale. Questions: Can we weigh both the Jeep and the trailer individually without unhooking it all or do we have to unhook it all first? Also, because we have to weigh the tongue on level ground (our trailer park is gravel/dirt road - not totally level), has anyone ever unhooked and set up the tongue weight scale (DIY version) at a public scale or can you unhook in an empty parking lot and do it?
(Q 2) our stereo/CD/DVD player and/or probably just the speakers are terrible. Has anyone replaced the speakers (indoor and outdoor) and/or stereo in their unit? If so, any recommendations on type/brand - is this something we have to order from the internet?
Thanks so much!