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03-11-2019, 02:48 PM
Hello all!!

My wife and I just purchased this travel trailer a few days ago for what I felt was a good deal based on the campers and prices in our area. Came with the bunk slide and the larger dinette/couch slide. Even came with everything for the sewage and water, plus extra 30amp extension cords and a Blue Ox SwayPro weight distribution hitch. Our plan is to camp down on the Ohio river with some families on our sons 8yo football team. We got a boat as well, just to make sure I'm really up to my neck in maintenance items before, during and after the summer season :D:D:D:D

There were a few items that are going to need immediate attention that were noticed or disclosed before our purchase that I need to take care of before using it during the summer.

1)Hot water heater is broken/not working due to not being winterized with the rest of the system. I have no doubt I can fix it, just wondering if there are any tips, tricks or anything to watch out for when tackling that job.

2)The larger slide has what I would consider severe water damage, but not a total loss. The ceiling is sagging a few inches across the entire slide, but the roof of the slide isn't bowed in at all. I assume the wood is saturated or just rotted and needs to be replaced. I've done plenty of wood work and can tackle the job, I just want to see if there are any instructions to show how things went together so I can prepare for it. Such as Trim, ceiling, electrical, light mounts, what kind of materials to use, etc.

3)Is there an online source or one stop shop for TT parts and maintenance items? I want to get 2 of the slide toppers for sure, but still want to fix the ceiling in the slide before the season starts.

4)MOST IMPORTANT: Interior switches:shock::shock: Any tips or tricks on how to figure out what they control? I have a few that I'm still unsure of, but spent 30 minutes checking lights and appliances to no end. I've got the vast majority figured out after a few minutes, just trying to make sure I keep everything perfect for the season.

I know it's a long winded post and I very much appreciate the help if you do decide to tackle these questions!!! I am sure they're the simple easy things for you all, but I'M NEW lol. They'll be simple enough for me in the coming months I'm sure, but until then, you all are my guidance lol

03-11-2019, 03:09 PM
Here are a few pictures. One from a week ago when we bought the boat. 1996 Maxum 2100SR 5.7/Alpha one with an aftermarket ski tower and a whole new electrical system. Had to travel 6 hours round trip to find one in good condition for our budget of $6500 or less.

Then the other one is obviously the camper. 2006 30ft Conquest Supreme. PO said it was a 7k lb dry weight, but my little 2014 Ram 1500 didn't have any problems moving it 1.5 hrs home. Trans temps didn't get above 170, coolant sat around 210 and oil averaged out to be 230. I would prefer a diesel or even the 6.4, but I want to wait a bit before I move on from this one.

04-16-2019, 11:06 PM
I replaced out hot water heater because one of the inlets\outlets had rusted out.
After looking, we saw the tankless heater was only about $60 more than the tank version. So we went tankless.
Wasnt that hard. Just took time, all total, maybe two days. The hard part was working around the wiring. The old tank was an octagon shape, the new one was more square. And GS installed wiring around the octagon and pulled them pretty tight. So it was kind of a square peg in a round hole situation.
But i was able to ease it in there. I used one of those flexible cutting boards to hold them out of the way while I slipped (forced) the new heater in. I think its still in there, havent seen it since....

The other issue was the door. LOTS of people had problems ordering the door. But I didn't want to use a new door because of the splash paint job. Turns out the new heater has a single exhaust tube, that is placed right behind the aluminum grate in the old door. Just find out where, cut a few small pieces to make a hole in the old grate and youre set.
I thought I messed it up, as I couldnt get it to turn on. The control panel is only two wires, and it doesnt matter which one gets connected to the other (how great is that!)
Turns out, the heater has its own switch on the OUTSIDE you have to turn on. Once you do that, you hit the power inside and you have hot water.