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04-13-2007, 05:34 PM
Does anyone know where the docking light fuse would be on an XC Chasis.

My Docking lights won't operate and I can't find any label on the fuse boxes in the front driver side compartment where there are multiple boxes and the invertor are located. but nothing says docking light. I checked all of the fuses in that compartment and all are makoing continuity.

See post of advice on removing seat so I can make a better inspection of the switch.


Anyone have any advice on the way to remove one of the rocker switches on the switch panel. My docking lights are on the top row with the radio, ICC, and Air Horn switches.



04-14-2007, 09:19 PM
I worked on the docking lights today.

I pulled the switch and have 13 volts to the switch and continuity to the switch thus the 13 volts is traveling thru the switch.

In the fuse paneld I cannot find any fuses that are labeled for the lights

Does anyone have any wiring information as to where the wire from the switch travels toward the lights.

Is there another relay past the switch?

it is a single blue wire in a loom by itself and the orange power switch was taped along the outside the loom. it passed thru the firewall and I can't find it from there.

Any help would be appreceiated.


04-15-2007, 02:49 AM

I didn't answer because I'm not familiar with the term "Docking Lights".

My notes have a dash-switch referred to as "Fog Lights" but the wire colors don't match. On my Sun Voyager, they are supposed to be green.

The switch wires lead to a relay coil for the "Fog Light Relay" in the electrical compartment. It is fused by a 15 amp fuse in the fuse block.

That section of the fuse block is powered by one of the 2 "Ign/5" power relays.

However, if you have power to the switch, you do have power to the relay as well, & the fuse is OK. THe power for the dash-switch is taken right off the input to the relay. The relay could be bad, or unplugged. From the relay "output", wiring goes directly to fog lights thru a "Packard Connector". The other side of each lamp is chassis grounded, individually.

I remind you again, this is for a Sun Voyager, Workhorse chassis.

Let me know if we are even talking about the same lights.

04-15-2007, 01:40 PM

I still don't have a good answer. But I looked at a diagram for a Freightliner chassis ... jees, you guys have more lamps than a porcupine has quills!

I see there are fog lights, with a dash switch, wired just like I described, with green wiring.

I see there are "driving lights", with a dash switch, wired similarly to above, but with various red & blue wiring.

THere is something called "work lights"(?). These are wired direct from the coach battery fuseblock (15 amp). There is no relay, nor switch on the dash. I can only assume there is a switch on the lamps themselves?

Does any of this ring any bells?

04-15-2007, 03:30 PM
Here is a link to some FCOC files that contain a chassis schematic for a 2005 XC chassis:

04-15-2007, 09:33 PM
Thanks Everyone for your help so far.

What I am referring to as Docking Lights. These are two lights an the rear of the coach located on the top of the rear cap pointing somewhat directly down.

I am under the impression that these are used for hookup of the toad/trailer etc. and prividing some direct down light for the cameras when backing in at night.

These may have another name that I'm not aware of.

Sorry for leaving out a description of them.



04-15-2007, 10:47 PM

As Bob pointed out, these lights are called "Work Lights".
The fuse is in the "Battery" fuseblock, fuse D5, 15A fuse.

This fuseblock is located in the front driver's compartment on our FL chassis.

I am going to sent you a PM about this and another reason.


04-15-2007, 10:49 PM