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05-17-2020, 07:23 AM
I am new to the class A world. I just purchased this unit a couple days ago. It is a 36.6 foot 3 slides with a Ford V10. Problem 1 NO manuals whatsoever. I checked Gulf Stream website found a few but nothing that really helps. There are so many buttons and swithchs I don't know what they go to. Is there a website I can find that has the layout of the Ford dash? Also I don't know how to even run water through this unit. The backup camera is a Voyager 701 how do I find where the wire runs from the monitor to the camera? The monitor has power but is black like the camera isn't talking to the monitor. Any help or where I can go to get help is greatly appreciated!

Chuck v
05-17-2020, 11:17 AM

Maybe you can post a picture or two of your dash and switch panel and we can give some more specific suggestions on what controls what. Also, there were several models in that year around 36 feet with three slides, so look at the attached brochure page to identify the exact model number (the 4-digit designation...) Knowing the model may help also.


Chuck v
05-17-2020, 02:04 PM

Still have not come across any specific information on the switches in your coach, but here is a rather generic publication from Ford on the base chassis...at least it explains all the dash gauges and indicators.


Chuck v
05-17-2020, 02:39 PM
OK -- might have some help here...these pictures are of a 2007 Independence 8330 but might be similar to your coach, I even see some commonality with some of the dash on my diesel pusher Tour Master of the same year model.

The Power Gear Leveling panel is exactly the same as the one on my coach, and the generator controls are similar but not matching. I suspect that is because your generator has a gas engine while mine is diesel powered.

The gen prime switch acts much like a choke on a small engine presumably... and gen start/stop is self explanatory.

The I.C.C switch is for flashing the headlamps lights, I believe. If the lights are off, this momentary switch turns them on, and if they are already on, this same switch momentarily turns them off. The ICC function is intended for acknowledging the vehicle passing you has enough clearance to return into your lane.

In the second row of switches, the radio toggle changes the power to teh dash radio from the vehicle system (ignition must be on...) to the house battery for use while set up in camp. On my coach it also played the radio through the 'house audio' speakers. The fan switch is not one I had on my coach in that position, so no help from me on that one, but try it and see what happens. The emerg start switch is another momentary button that connects the house battery and the chassis battery to assist in starting if the chassis battery is lacking sufficient charge after a lengthy stay. Note that the chassis battery is usually only charged from the engine alternator, and is not charged from shore power -- hence the common presence of the emerg start switch or similar provision.

Your coach my have other switches installed where the six blanks are in these pictures, if so please post a picture with the control names showing so we can opine on their function.


05-17-2020, 05:11 PM
I found a tag on the inside says that it was mfg. in 2006 but it is titled 2007. Looking at the brochures I believe it is a Model 8357. The picture with the mirrow adjustment there is a little switch there, i don't know what it is for. Then you will see the buttons on the dash by the radio. And finally I believe that the other switches are for the living end of it.. I know the lights on this switch are porch etc. But what position does the step need to be in? what is the difference between the chassis and the coach when I park do I turn the chassis button off?

Chuck v
05-17-2020, 07:09 PM

Thanks for posting these pictures! My coach's chassis was also made in 2006 but the vehicle was registered as a 2007 model because that was when the 'house' was completed. If your title says it is a 2007, then a 2007 it is.

In the first image top row, the double lamp icon is most likely the ICC switch, or perhaps a way to flash the clearance lights as trucker's do to say "thanks". The lightening bolt switch is a bit of a mystery if it is not the gen start switch -- you may have to experiment with it to find out for sure.

In the first image, second row, the note icon is the radio switch I described above, and the cloverleaf icon is the fan. The next switch is the battery bonding or emergency start switch that was described above.

Your second image shows the mirror adjustment joystick which has three rotation positions -- the outer ones are the left and right mirror selection and the center open dot is an off position to keep from accidentally changing the mirror position once you get them adjusted to your liking. Next to the joystick is a small rocker switch...I bet that this is the electric heaters/defrosters in the mirrors. The remaining item in that image is the hour meter for the generator.

The last image is the switches located in your stairwell, as these are switches you might adjust as you enter or leave the vehicle. The bottom two momentary rocker switches controlling battery disconnect switches and each will activate high current relays elsewhere in the coach to turn off and on the house batteries or the chassis batteries. When lit, the batteries for that switch are connected and when not lit, they are disconnected. The other three switches control the front overheat light on the right, the power step (automatic or off) in the center, and the porch light outside the coach door on the left of this grouping.

The step switch will leave the step in the last position (retracted or extended) in one rocker position and will allow the step to be automatic with the opening of the door in the other rocker position. Please note that if you start the engine, the steps will retract independent of what position this rocker is in...

If you are storing your coach in a lot with out any shore power connection, it is best to disconnect both the chassis and house batteries to avoid them going dead in storage. If you are connected to shore power as in an RV park, leave the house batteries connected if you are only going to be away for a few days.

When I was living in my coach full time, I added a float charger to the chassis batteries from the shore power so I could leave these two switches in the connected state almost all of the time.

Hope this helps.


05-17-2020, 07:20 PM
Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it! As like with anything else I will learn it. My manuals were always my goto when I needed help. I have always had 5th wheels so although some things are similar many others I have never seen before. Again thank you for your help.

Texas Shriner
05-24-2020, 11:32 AM
I've got a model 8357...although it's a 2008. The switch layout is not identical as mine. But, if you have additional questions maybe I can assist.

05-24-2020, 12:12 PM
On my Voyager monitor there are 2 connection ports on the back. Yours are probably the same. You will have to make sure the camera cable is plugged into the right port. You have to have the engine running or in gear to get the camera to work.

On the front of the monitor there are also switches for the camera ports, day / night use, contrast and brightness. They all have to line up to get the picture you want. Someone may have played with them and turned down the contrast/brightness so you get nothing.

You will have to play with them to see what you get.

Hope it helps.

Ray Porter
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