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06-15-2020, 12:39 AM
Hi Y'all. Im in Canada. Happy to say I bought a big ol diesel pusher. 51 years old. Will never be without at least a 40' diesel pusher now. So far, I've been busy re-caulking, plumbing, fixits here and there. Roof and seams have been temporarily re-sealed. But, I know at least 3 wood panels will need replacing in a year or two.

Replacing a cargo door, at a local fab shop, with a redesigned all aluminum version. The original were poorly designed. Wood inside and some locking mechanisms come away from the door.

I've replaced all fluids and filters on both the gen set and the main engine.

I believe the turbo is not working. I'm looking for advise and options on that one. I'm not too happy with the lack of power. So...Im sure a new turbo will fix this.

Looking forward to any pointers and advise from the community here.

Happy RVing all

07-01-2020, 06:30 PM
Hi fellow Canadian. I own a 1995 tour master & am very experienced with the mechanical side of the Cummins engines, as I was a Cummins diesel tech & now own a Cummins diesel parts store.

Why do you think the turbo is not working ? Do you have black smoke while accelerating ?

Lack of power is usually a fuel issue. Is your engine a 5.9 or 8.3 ?

If it is a 5.9L is the inj pump a rotary VE or a inline p7100 ?
Answer these questions & I should be able to walk you through some tests to determine what your low power problem is.

07-02-2020, 04:07 PM
Thanks for the reply and warm welcome. Great that I can hear back from an actual mechanic. Since writing to you, I believe we discovered that the turbo does work. Well, a mechanic friend of a friend took a very quick look at it.

I'm open to ideas for my 8.3 inline Cummins. Shifting seems to work. It seems to lack power is all. All fluids and filters recently changed. Only 99,000 kms.

Any help is appreciated!



07-02-2020, 05:46 PM
Check fuel pressure, you should have between 18 and 22 PSI at idle and between 28 and 32 PSI at 2000 RPM in neutral. If you don’t know how to check fuel pressure seek a mechanic that has the correct tools and know how. Too complicated to walk you through it.
Also check for boost leaks. Engine needs to be off ( not running). Using 15 psi of regulated compressed air and a build yourself boost checker which involves building with a four-inch PVC piece with end cap... drill and tap for air chuck in end cap. 4 inch silicone hose and two four-inch clamps.
You’re now going to clamp on your boost checker to the 4” air inlet of turbo. With regulated air put in a constant 15 psi of air and listen for leaks throughout the whole piping system & intercooler & going into the engine. You might be surprised you have some leaks.