View Full Version : newish 2004 BT 5210

08-17-2020, 06:14 PM
We've had a new to us 2004 BT Cruiser 5210 for a couple of weeks. 82,000 miles and in pretty good shape. It does show the effects of the Arizona sun.
Need to find out how to wash the 'chalk' from the fiberglass and brighten up the finish a little.

Have been spending a bit of time going thru and seeing what's what and fixing what we can.

Tomorrow, I have a friend, who is an RVer and mechanic come over to give it a once over and answer some of my questions. Wednesday, new shocks. I bought them and have found out how difficult it is to get them off and on. Not the same as any car/truck I've owned. Will pay the local tire shop for the labor.

Thanks, BillP