View Full Version : 2018 GS Capri 218MB new owners!! light trouble

Suzy Qs owners
09-07-2020, 10:33 AM
We just purchased our 2018 Capri about 2 weeks ago. This weekend was our maiden voyage. We checked all the lighting before we put it in storage and everything worked. We noticed before our trip the R side blinker and brake was not working but the running lights were. Today we took it back to storage and checked everything again this time all the running lights work but the brakes and blinkers don't. Has this happened to anyone else? FYI our Capri is the AmeriLite model 218MB but retro looking in turqoise.

Michigan Scott
09-13-2020, 07:31 PM
Most likely bad connection where trailer plugs into your tow vehicle. Clean everything up and maybe bend some terminals so they make better connection. If that doesn't work use a test light to check all terminals.