View Full Version : New BT Cruiser 5255 furnace question

10-02-2020, 10:49 PM
Can anyone tell me how to turn my RV furnace on? The thermostat says OFF. The power button/icon on the thermostat doesn't do anything. They gave me a furnace installation manual but no user manual. This is a 2021 BT Cruiser 5255. Thank you very much!

Leisure Time Larry
10-03-2020, 12:01 AM
Assuming that you have the Dometic CT digital thermostat, you have to tap, not push, but tap the power/mode button multiple times to scroll through the modes. Tap once to activate or wake up the thermostat; tap again to enter fan mode - tap the up or down arrows to change the fan mode (Auto should be chosen for most applications); tap the power/mode button again to enter Air Conditioning mode - tap the arrows to set the desired temperature; tap the power/mode again to enter heat/furnace mode - tap the arrows to set the desired temperature; tap the power/mode one last time to turn it back to off.

This will work if you have the Dometic CT digital thermostat. Search this online for a downloadable manual. Here is a YouTube video of one being used. His may or may not have the same functions as yours but it should point you in the right direction for use. https://youtu.be/xrdBTnO0Bd4

If you don't have this model, then you'll have to share what it says or what it looks like for us to help you further. Good luck.

10-03-2020, 10:26 AM
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! That was exactly what I needed to know, and the video was super helpful! I was pushing instead of tapping. :) It took a few tries but now I've got it down, and am much much warmer!!! (Traveling across North Dakota at the moment...it's a bit chilly at night!) Thanks for your fast and expert reply!