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04-21-2007, 10:05 PM
Curious what folks think of the 2007 Crescendo 8386 (with a 330 Cummins / Workhorse chassis). We've looked at several other coaches, and this one certainly seems very nice. Fit and finish seemed to be above par, and we really like the looks.

While the test drive was relatively short, it seems to drive quite nice, although it did seem somewhat gutless on the hills. We are upgrading from a class A gas coach (8.1 ltr / 5 speed Allison), and this new coach could not touch the gas coach on a hill. However, the DP drives much, much nicer.

I would appreciate any thoughts, insight, etc. on the coach and/or the chassis. What are the options on upgrading the motor (e.g. Banks, other)?

Thanks for your time.

04-22-2007, 03:20 PM
Have to say we had a Southwind 32 8.1 workhorse and that rig had guts I had no problem on mountains at all- power - maybe noise but power! than I upgraded really a nice BOX TourMasterT40b, but just can't forget the 8.1 and the noise- better perforance, new rig more money little power and maybe more storage but we travel lite so you pick lol $$$$$$

04-22-2007, 09:45 PM
While I loved the motor / tranny combination, I absolutely hated the handling of the coach. We use the coach every weekend, and it handled like a couch on a waterbed.

We added Bilsteins, front end stabiler, etc., but while it helped the handling, it made it a rough ride. Sleeping in the bed in the back was like sleeping on a trampoline!

I think we're going to go with the Crescendo, despite some reservations on the quality and factory service. The coach was pretty close to perfect for us, we loved the colors, the floorplan fit our somewhat unique needs, and the value seems to be there.

We'll see how the motor works, but we're heading across country in July, and I am pretty sure I'm going to need more motor before we leave!

06-05-2007, 01:19 PM
Hey let me know what you think of your rig after you've had some time in it. We just bought a "New" (2006) Crescendo 8386CRE. Hope we made the right choice. It has everything we were looking for and, as best we could tell, has quality that many other manufacturers' rigs lacked.....we'll see.

I have noticed that the 2007 8386 comes with the Cummins 330. Anyone know why they changed from the 350 CAT? (My guess is more torque/less weight?)

06-06-2007, 08:16 PM
We've had the coach for a couple months now, and frankly, we've had some issues, primarliy with the generator. We had into the dealership four times and they finally just replaced the whole thing.

While not directly a Gulflstream issue, there is NO WAY it should have ever left the factory like this. We have noticed some other quality issues that just should not happen. For example, we had a problem with the volt meter getting pegged on high with warning lights and bells going off, the meter for the water tank got pulled off somehow, their were coolant leaks, etc. It's just poor quality oversight I think, not necessarily poor craftsmanship.

Generally, we really like the coach, and feel that once we get through all the initial quality issues, I think we're going to be very happy. We LOVE the way the coach drives, it's 100x better than our old coach.

I've talked to an owner of a Tiffen Alegro Bus, which costs a whole lot more. Tiffen is supposedly one of the "quality" rigs out there, and he had a host of issues as well. I am becoming convinced that all the RV manufacturers are horrible, and it comes down to finding a good dealer that will support you.

Good luck!

06-07-2007, 12:31 PM
Thanks TTT122. It does seem like the motorhome industry in general relies on its customers to do their QC for them...after the sale. I've heard the same kind of experiences from an owner of a Monaco and a Forest River product. I just hope that, whatever issues develop for us, they will be dealt with on a timely and professional basis.

I'll be interested in hearing about your cross-country trip. We are planning one ourselves (Shingletown, CA to Charlotte, NC...via I40 going and I20/I10 on the return). We'll be gone for about 5 or 6 weeks in September/October. We're planning a couple shorter shake-down cruises up into Oregon between now and then.

Again, thanks for the info. I'll be watching for developments.


06-10-2007, 06:42 AM
We're going thru the same thing. Its a shame that they don't go thru a punch list and check everything out first instead of letting the owner do there punch list repairs and adjustments . Hey by the way - the water level indicater wire also fell off because the water tank is not block from shifting forward on quick stops pulling the wires off and possible flooding (breaking of connections) bedroom slide needs ajustments and all slides gaskets and weather flap need replacement butchered on installation

06-10-2007, 08:03 AM
It makes we wonder about the things I read here and how they happen.
We have toured the Gulf Stream factory four times now and we have seen all the checks and inspections they do so that things should not get by them, but they still do.

As far as mechanical things like the generator, that can happen. Have you ever have something happen to your car/truck and take it to the dealer/repair shop and it wouldn't do it there? :?: Take it back home and darn if it doesn't act up again! :evil:

With our RV's and all the different components in them rolling down the road going through an earthquake on our terriffic roads with bumps, holes and expansion joints, not to mention some of the bad driving that some of us put them thru, it's a wonder anything works or stays tight. :)

Did you ever think about the person that delivers your RV from the factory to the dealer?? You know I think that was the same guy that used to park cars at the up town parking lot that drove like you know what. Of course he took it real nice and easy delivering your RV, sure he did.
The faster it was delivered, the sooner he could get back to get another, after all they get paid by the unit/mile. The more he delivers the more $$$ he makes.

Or how about the dealer, something is wrong with a component on an RV that is supposed to go out for delivery and needs a part, he doesn't have it on hand, so he just switches it from one on the lot. Then an owner brings his RV that is under warranty in and needs a component, again go out to the lot an get one off the RV we took the other component from and install it. Pretty soon you have an RV sitting on the lot with several bad components they have switched out, it gets sold and now you have quite a few bad components and a unhappy owner complaining about what a piece of junk he bought blaming the manufacturer.

Doesn't happen you say, don't bet on it. I used to help a friend that owned an RV dealership back in the early 90's. We did it several times.

Our first Gulf Stream we purchased was on the lot two days when we purchased it. One great coach, just a couple of minor things wrong during the warranty period and none after for the two years we owned it.

Our present coach sat on the dealers lot for nine months and was used for a show coach. It had at least 10 items that had to be done before we took delivery and several after we took delivery. Cook top had to replaced (scratched), switches missing out of the dash for fog lights, window shades, and air horns (wonder what happened to those), side window had to be replaced(dealers cleaning team blew the seal with a power washer), turn signals/tail lights wouldn't work (module box had to be replaced, funny the guy that worked on it knew all about it being bad),
plus other things.

Now Gulf Stream footed the bill for those items, the dealer also sells other makes/brands of RV's. Wonder how many Gulf Stream parts were placed on SOB (Some Other Brand)?

I didn't and don't blame Gulf Stream for those items, but I will tell you that I will not purchase another RV from that dealer. I will drive the 250 miles to purchase an RV from the dealer we purchased our first Gulf Stream from.