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08-07-2005, 08:33 PM
I attended a customer for life rally at Lazy Days RV Resort this past week end and was pleased to have spotted four sun voyager motor homes. I had a chance to talk to a couple of the owners and asked how they liked their units. In both cases the owners were pleased. One gentleman was a transporter of RV for several years and he said that the reason he chose Gulf Stream was that they were the best to deal with when he did the transporting of the units. This made me feel good. We had a good campout with no problems with the motor home at all. Had a terrible rain one day and I did get a few drips on the floor from the bedroom slide out but it appeared to have been very little and I beleive the wind had blew it in. For it rained again the next day and I got nothing. I will continue to watch for leakage in that area and if I see it again I will do some checking. It was very humid and I did get a couple of drips from the AC duct, but I am sure that was because the cold air and the hot humid air causing it to sweat. I opened it up farther and I didn't get it anymore.
I picked up a new oil filter for the generator and I will later on this week change the oil on the generator.
The one gentleman who had the sun voyager had 9000 miles on it since January and so far no problems. He liked the workhorse and the 8.1 engine very much and he had traded a Bounder Diesel in on it.

08-08-2005, 11:54 AM
Happy to hear that you had such an enjoyable & informative weekend. We're getting tired of looking out the house front porch at our parked Sun Voyager; we SHOULD be looking out of our Sun Voyager at some lake or mountain top someplace!

Did you get your generator oil filter from your dealer or elsewhere? What kind of oil are you planning on using? I ask because the Onan manual insists the ONLY oil to use is their brand. I used an off-the-shelf brand that met the oil SAE grade required & did not feel guilty about it..

Who has changed their own Workhorse 8.1 oil. How difficult was it to fill? Any secrets or tips?

08-08-2005, 02:49 PM
Bob I got the filter from Camper's World, it is an Ohan filter. I have not bought the oil yet but will look at the manual and see what they recommend.
I have changed the oil on the 8.1, no big deal. I replaced the filter with the same type that I took off and used Mobil ! in it. I used to be a Mobil Oil dealer so I am sold on the Mobil 1 oil. I run about 8000 mile a year and normally just change the oil once each season.