View Full Version : Hello from Wisconsin! Bounty Hunter question too...

02-03-2021, 06:21 PM

My wife and I are considering a full-time RV life for a year or so (maybe more?).

We are interested in the combination toy-hauler/motorhome and I just recently discovered the Gulf Stream made the Bounty Hunter a while back.

Seems like these are few and far between but I have seen some for sale.

Were there any major issues with this model? I'm a little concerned that the rear overhang is so crazy. And it just looks like an awful lot for a single rear axle. Even searching this forum I see hardly any mention.

We don't plan to carry a vehicle in the back actually. Rather we'd use it as an office space and use the rear hatch as a patio (kinda like people with big toy hauler fifth wheels do).

Any thoughts? Thanks and I look forward to learning more!

04-19-2021, 02:34 PM
Did you end up getting one? We bought one in January.