View Full Version : New to us this January, 2008 SuperNova

02-28-2021, 03:52 PM
Hello everyone
My wife Laura and I purchased our SN in Medesto, CA and headed 2952 miles across country to our winter home in south Florida, we wanted to drive through the western portion of our great nation and figured......why not buy a rig thats already there, so we did, had a great month long trip!
We had to keep ahead of the freakishly weird weather across TX
The rig performed great through the rockies and across the foothills and flat lands, anyone tells you the International VT365 is a poor choice in power is uninformed and bias.
In mid April we will be taking the rig and heading back to MI for the summer, looking forward to the Blue Ridge area.
Anyway, hope to learn from all the experience you SN owners has accumulated over the years.

03-07-2021, 11:12 AM
We have a 2008 supernova with the VT365. It's had the egr, turbo, and cooling system mods. Change the oil frequently with good synthetic. Change fuel filters often. Other than some electrical issues relating to the modifications the upfitter made to the reliable 4200 series truck, its been fantastic. Design of the interior was done by non camping people, though...