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lets go
03-17-2021, 12:18 AM
Well now that I just ordered a new 5245 I thought maybe I should stop by here and see what others have to say about them and any tips

03-29-2021, 08:31 PM
Hello and welcome to the Owners Forum.

I have a 2017 5245 which we bought new off the lot. So ordering one may give you a choice of options that could really complete your expectations.

We are happy with the 5245 as I was looking for a compromise from the outset. I wanted the smallest motorhome I could find that had a walk around bed and within my budget. The 5245 is good for parking, maneuvering, and getting under gas station awnings. You can find more camp sites that larger campers can't get into. Of course the large slideout gives you great living space.

Gulf Stream makes improvements to the model every year so our challenges may now be a non-issue. For long trips storage space has been a challenge but I have found many hidden spaces that can be accessed by making some changes. Any RV definitely gives you the opportunity to be creative to make it your own.

I suggest you search the forum for 5245 in particular as well as search for subjects of interest and look at what others have done. The suggestions have given me many great ideas.

Here are a few post you may find informative:

Happy Travels!

lets go
03-30-2021, 11:02 AM
Thanks for the links, I have read a lot of articles here about mods and problems, I especially like your sewer hose mod as it is a great idea and the factory storage compartment for it is a joke. I like the idea of the struts on the outside doors . I currently own a 96 Chinook so I am accustomed to having to find space for everything to go.

My main concern with unit is the slide as it is so big and heavy and I dont know how easy of access there is to motors. The unit I ordered is fully optioned with the only things not included are the jacks and body paint (would like to have paint but lots of dollars extra) I choose the theater seating over dinette and will have to figure something out for a bigger table my experience with the dinette seats is they are uncomfortable. Round sink will take some getting use to but really like the lighting features and being able to light oven without having to stick your head in and hold pilot light knob.

03-31-2021, 05:09 AM
Thanks for the compliment on the sewer hose storage. It really worked out well. It did take trimming the vinyl post to just the right length to get it to clear the angle to get into position.

I have just finished making storage behind the TV. I left the driver side cabinet in place but took out the passenger side cabinet and made the wood plate that the TV hangs onto into a door. It came out pretty nice and the storage back there is huge. It took a bit of carpentry to cut all the rounds for the flooring but well worth it.

I have concerns about the slide out as well. I keep only light stuff in the outside compartment that is opposite the wardrobe to minimize weight and torque on the slide out. I would like to know how to override the motors if there is a failure as well. So far it has been working fine.