View Full Version : Bumper hitch

03-25-2021, 11:43 AM
Has anyone put a hitch on the bumper of a 2021 19csk tt? Would like to store chairs on it or maybe my kayak

04-04-2021, 10:43 AM
If the new campers still use 6" x 2" "C" shaped rear bumper you are SOL.
It is so wimpy you can get it to flex with your own weight. I replaced mine with a conventional 4" square tube. Not only is the bumper thin, but the frame rails it connects to are of thin metal mine have sagged over time. I had to reinforce the frame to correct the sag.

Way too thin for a hitch. IMHO.

04-08-2021, 10:02 AM
Ain’t that the pits. It is a whimpy bumper and I’m not a welder or I would box it maybe.