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04-28-2021, 08:11 PM
I'm just checking in to say hello as I am new here. We purchase a 2021 Vintage Cruiser 19 ERD. We are completely new to the RV World. We got sick of overpriced filthy hotel rooms and thought we would just get a camper trailer and take our own room with us. We have not actually been out to Camp with it yet. We are going to do a couple trial runs here on our property to figure out things we may need or work out a few bugs before we hit the road. We like the idea of not having to make reservations because campgrounds were plentiful or so that's what people were telling us. It turns out that millions of other people had the same idea as us and now campgrounds appear to be crowded and you must make reservations in advance. Oh well we are looking forward to it anyway.