View Full Version : Lack Of Documentation Is Shocking.

Lance Corporal
05-12-2021, 11:15 AM
I recently became the 2nd Owner of a Vintage Cruiser 23BHS.

Wonderful trailer! But I wanted to know the weight capacity of the Bunk Beds, the "dinette" when converted to a bed and the capacity of the Murphy Bed.

Now, do know I don't think we are in any danger of exceeding the capacity but it just struck me odd that as we were in our travel trailer search I would see the capacity listed on a sticker near the bunk beds in Winnebago Micros, Jayco campers, Outback campers, etc.

So I went to the Gulfstream website and submitted my question to their customer service and within a few days I got a reply that the information I requested was UNKNOWN and not listed but the person responding 'thought' the limit of the bunk beds was 150lbs.

Really? So if my 50lb granddaughter and her 110lb mom climb on the top bunk and my granddaughter gets hurt if it breaks - what would my lawyer have to say?

Since I don't have any documentation on the limits I don't know if I am exceeding them.

This is shocking to me.

05-23-2021, 02:29 PM
You might get lucky and find that the first owner removed those unsightly weight and other warning stickers and placed them on the inside of the cabinet doors. That is where I found mine. Most adult size furniture is designed to support a minimum of 250 lb.

Lance Corporal
05-23-2021, 03:52 PM
I eventually got a reply back from customer service where they said the beds would support 200 which i doubted. I figured the beds could support 250. However this still does not give me an answer about the slide out when converted to a bed or the Murphy Bed.