View Full Version : Vintage Cruiser baby moon hubcaps issues

05-27-2021, 11:51 AM
Okay I hope sooner or later I can post something on this site that has a positive note to it. However in the meantime just being new to the camper world and dealing with my first camper purchase I seem to have to get through fixing all of the manufacturer's faults before I can move on to happy things.

This trailer comes with baby moon hubcaps for the vintage look. Trying to do the right thing by removing them and checking the lug nut torque settings I find that I cannot get the hubcaps back on because they just fall right back off. On top of that if you take the back of your hand or anything else and give them a tap to try to get them on you have just put a big dent in these extremely thin cheap chinese made hubcaps. Now I have dented hubcaps that fall right off. I'm finding that the camping trailer industry must put these together with whatever they can order off of Amazon and then find suckers like me to pay $23,000 for them.

Anyway does anyone know of a suitable replacement that is a good enough quality that they will remain on and won't Dent when you try to tap them over the tabs? No point in going for warranty on them because they will simply give you another cheap set. That is if they even do anything at all.

Anyway hoping for happier times down the road. LOL I just hope the leak in the bathroom and around the back window that I tended to are now fixed.

06-06-2021, 12:44 PM
Etrailer.com has replacements. tap them toward the edge to prevent denting them. By the way cost about $25 dollars.

Anita L.
06-06-2021, 06:55 PM
Thanks for the question and the response. We were on our first trip last summer with our Vintage and my niece called my cell to tell me they watched one of our hubs sail off on an overpass and almost immediately the other on the side of the road. They stopped to look but were unable to find either. My husband did order on Amazon but the hubcaps he found never fit correctly so weve given up..maybe one more try;?I did love the look!

06-12-2021, 04:28 PM
Etrailer.com has replacements. tap them toward the edge to prevent denting them. By the way cost about $25 dollars.

Thanks for the information. I would have gotten back sooner but have been busy. I will check them out. What I did in the mean time is put some clear silicon caulk on the tabs where they snap over and a small amount in three spot on the outer edge. So far that has kept them on and the clear caulk can't bee seen. No way to prevent that cheap stuff from denting.

06-13-2021, 10:34 AM
If it helps, my hubcaps (on VC) twist to the right to lock in place and to the left to remove. I assume all are designed that way but not certain. Ive not lost one yet (knock thin chrome plated tin!).