View Full Version : 2005 Endura BRAKE Failure

06-16-2021, 08:32 AM
2005 Gulf Stream Endura Chev 550 8.2. 25,000 miles
After losing the brakes, pedal to the floor (no Brakes) three times years apart I have finally come to the conclusion it is Brake Fluid Boiling which is very rare as I am told. I was towed into a brake repair shop in New Jersey only to find the brakes were ok by the time we got there. Drove two years without another problem. In Disney's Fort Wilderness Failed again, had the master cylinder replaced. Drove home to Ohio with no further problem. This past week it happened again. Each time we were in stop and go traffic or engine sitting with the truck a/c on. (twice the wheel sensor melted and wires back to computer burned but unrelated to brake failure. Engine temp was normal every time.
I am replacing the brake fluid with Pennzoil Brake Fluid as their DOT 4 has the highest temp boiling dry point. We are convinced now this has to be the problem. (note no other leaks of brake fluid in the system at any time throughout this experience)
My question is why? The brake lines do run next to the engine block and we are also adding a heat shield but I would feel allot more comfortable if I new the exact reason this has happened. Gulf Stream dealer is telling me never heard anyone else mention this problem. If you have the same unit and no problem let me know. It may just not have happened yet, change your brake fluid every two years to be safe.
Thanks in advance for any replies or advise.