View Full Version : New Kingsport Owner here

06-24-2021, 08:20 PM
Hi All,

Just joined up, relatively new to the Camper/RV world.

I actually own two, one is an old Prowler I gutted and turned into a small bait and tackle store, the other I bought brand new last year right before the pandemic started up.

Bought a Kingsport 199DD, not the biggest but more than enough for myself, the little human and two dogs. Main reason I bought it was to be able to travel easier with the kid and dogs. Kinda hard to find dog sitters so makes more sense to take them with me. First planned trip was to Disney World in Florida (with a stop or two elsewhere along the way) but then Covid hit, the border closed and camping at Disney turned into camping in the driveway over the summer. No regrets though.