View Full Version : 2018 Vintage Cruiser 19RBS FL and MI

06-27-2021, 08:13 AM
Technically I'm a SUNBIRD. I had to google it. I live in FL but leave to my summer place in MI during hurricane season.

It's just me and my 15 year old doggie (Cassie) and a Kitty (Kitty).

I grew tired of the trip to/from because: Finding a hotel, hoping they had a ground floor room. Then the unloading. OMG. Kitty into the crate then into the room. She's a runner. Dog into the room. She never runs. Then their food, and bedding, and the litter box. Then my food and bedding (hotel bed bugs ya know). Then my clothes and shower items. Then the Don't Want It Stolen items: Laptop, firearms, my "travel" purse that gains weight and size by the day. Last but not least, the cooler, because I shut down my fridge in FL in case of a hurricane power loss. Dump out the water, re-ice, yadda yadda. AND THEN do it all over again, in reverse, in the morning.

That was my first reason. The second reason is: There are so many places I want to see, visit, travel without the hassle of reason Number One. Unloading and Loading.

I'd been searching for nearly two years and finally found my perfect match. I should have been in Michigan two months ago but there were many hiccups in my plans for her maiden trip. I'm hoping to be on my way in another two weeks.

I'll be posting my first question in another five minutes.

Howdy !!!