View Full Version : Cover recommendation?

07-20-2021, 09:41 AM
My plans to have my 19RBS covered by a carport fell through. So, which brand of covers do y'all recommend?


07-24-2021, 07:41 AM
I had an Adco cover for my popup and it didn't last very long. It degraded within 2-3 years.

02-15-2022, 09:46 AM
ADCO cover suits our 2015 Ford E450 pretty nicely. With this, the cab is unfolded as indoor space; negating one curtain. Velcro straps fasten alongside the lowest beneath neath every replicate stem. A pocket slips over the pinnacle rear of every door. A sturdy magnet is blanketed and sewn in every decreased rear corner. It did now no longer budge in winds gusting to twenty MPH. Another gain is for the duration of wintry weather tenting it's going to save you frost & ice buildup on our windshield (https://www.rvhometown.com/best-rv-windshield-covers/). We are 150% happy with this purchase.