View Full Version : 1990 GulfStream Sun Sport Manual

07-21-2021, 06:46 PM
Hello All

New to this RV world been a car guy for a long time. Just bought a 1990 Sun Sport in great shape in and out. Got A nail in tire on way home, in sidwall waiting on new tire to come in, the spare was old. Love the RV 27ft drives great, you will see us and in tow a toy for car show nights and cars and coffee. Ordered a chasis manual should be in soon, but got one problem the previous owner died several months ago and no one knows where the owner"s manual is. Lots of buttons and switches, has generator onboard, I have pluged it in AC works great, Air conditioner cools, most lights work, inverter works.

I have no instructions how to use these, and i don't want to damage such a great toy. pulling my hair out, "ain't got much to begin with".

Can anyone help?

PS the dogs love the Sun Sport too :), fighting the wifeove who gets shotgun.

Hope to see some of you on the road soon, bar will be open.