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08-02-2021, 10:04 PM
I traded around and got a 2000 gulf steam motorhome. I know nothing about them. My monitor panel has a black wire that runs from the test switch to a Circuit board. Where it attaches to the circuit board has come unattached does anyone know where to solder this wire to or maybe if you have one can take a picture and send to me My email is [email protected] The red wire is attached in the middle of plug that has a blank space on each side. It may not go in either hole. Just don’t want to destroy this board. Thanks in advance . Jonnyb

08-15-2021, 09:26 AM
I have had huge success with getting wiring drawings for my 2002 GulfStream. Just call them, ask for parts dept.provide the last bits of your VIN and they can send you drawings, providing they still have them. I have been very lucky to get nearly everything I have asked for.

Great responses, even the part number for my refried exhaust cover stop the unit.

03-28-2022, 07:43 PM
Thank you bery much. I figured out where that wire went. Now im wondering what the Emergency start beside tge side door is for . Maybe they can get me a owners manual. Thanks again

Bike Dr
03-29-2022, 08:05 PM
Not sure of your model but could that switch be an aux start for the generator if you have one? Some models had multiple locations to start the gen.. just a thought! I have an 05 and have two locations.or an assist button to aid in the house batteries to start the main engine..