View Full Version : New 2013 Gulfstream

08-20-2021, 10:41 AM
Bought a 2013 Gulfstream 225br need to replace the toilet and don't think the refrigerator is not working up to par it was definitely colder when running on 30 Amp compared to running on propane.

John amer
08-29-2021, 10:29 AM
I have a 2000 conquest a class in the UK, my fridge was useless, my parts man told me that my rv needed to be level side to side and front and back so the gas would pump around properly so l made sure it was but it still wasn't great, then l was told to put a computer cooling fan in, l wired it up to the fridge light and it's really cold now, just by moving the air around, l would never would have thought about it

Like everyone l have had problems with the toilet, l ended up pulling the floor up and resealing the pipe that goes from the toilet to the holding tank then holding it in place with expanding foam so it's going nowhere and you need to have a good amount of water in the tank
Also use a washing up bowl in the kitchen sink and when you have finished the washing up tip the bowl into the toilet so it will wash the holding tank, all l can say is that it worked for me, owning a rv is like boats I've had, there's always something to fix, but that's how you learn all about your rv