View Full Version : Hey Y’all! We are newbies with a ‘08 GS Supervova Muscle Shoals AL

10-12-2021, 10:39 AM
We are really excited & have been going through the RV with a fine tooth comb. We purchased it from a very sweet couple, they only had 16k miles on it. It has been very loved, kept inside. We can’t wait to start using it. The turbo charger was a concern, slow, sluggish. Johnny, machinist, has got it doing a lot better. Got it up to 75 miles per hour over the weekend. The ABS light lit up recently & we smelled the breaks getting too hot, on left front wheel. He pulled the wheel & went through everything. Light went off then the ABS light activated again. It May be that the Left front brake caliber stuck, got too hot, possibly frying sensor OR ABS made LF brake stay engaged. We are looking for someone with a scanner to diagnose problem now. We think we might have to have a special scanner for Webco brake system. ANYONE HAVE ANY INPUT TO THIS PROBLEM? As I mentioned we are new-bees. We want it to be as dependable as it can be before hitting the road. We hope to enjoy it soon!. Thanks a bunch & Safe travels!